Meaningful to Me

I decided this year to honest with myself, and came out as an atheist.

But the symbolism of Good Friday is deeply meaningful to me.

It is a day when all that really matters – whether that is named as god, named as a spirit, named as inner strength, or named as community togetherness – has abandoned those who need it the most.

The cry of Jesus –

My God, my God, why have you abandoned me.

Is the cry of all the oppressed who can see no hope and have forgotten there can be an exit.

And when I go to the middle of prostitution, it is the silent crying of the essence of every woman or girl trapped inside the sex trade.

To me it worse than a god abandoning them – some supernatural being that allows humans to take no responsibility, when they make the choice to oppress others.

No the abandonment of the prostituted class, is that the norms of many societies is not to give a damn about our mental and physical welfare.

Our tortures and mental suffering are not just made invisible, but there is the utter betrayal that most outsiders make it easily on themselves by inventing the myth that the prostituted choose their lifestyle.

The prostituted may be in pain and terror – but the abandonment comes as it is claimed we deserve everything that happens to us; or either we just bad women, or we are strong enough to cope with the reality of the sex trade.

The abandonment is so deep that most of the prostituted have no language to say why can’t you see me.

See that I am just a human who is lost. A human who has the same pain as you have. A human who is abused and oppressed for so long, and in so many ways that I have lost tears, lost reactions to pain and shock.

Why do you have to abandoned the prostituted.

Is it that you know that the prostituted are tortured, are industrially raped, are murdered so often it is non-news, are made into nothing but sexual goods. Is it that know all that , and make the choice to close your eyes and put fingers in your ears – in the hope that if do that, then you can pretend the sex trade is just entertainment for bored men.

Grow up –  see and feel what the prostituted have to endure.

Stop just believing in the small examples of rich and happy hookers, stop thinking porn make women stars, stop cutting away all the prostituted who not externally trafficked or under-aged as those who freely choose the life.

Stop being so naive or let’s be frank so callous, as to so abandoned the prostituted class.

See and know that the sex trade is all about making women and girls into objects – doing this by relentless sexual, mental and physical violence, until their oppression becomes so normal it all they know.

It is then that most of the prostituted will say they are happy, may say it the only role that fit their lives.

If all you see and hear is the small moment the prostituted woman said she is happy – without seeing the intense intimidation, mental brainwashing, and sexual and physical violence that programmes her way of being. Then you have abandoned her.

All you doing is seeing her as an individual – without viewing the bigger picture that sex trade is built on violence and making its goods into sub-humans.

You are not seeing that punters do not view women in porn as individual or as human, do not buy a prostitute to know she is human. Punters want holes or images to masturbates into or over.

Punter do not want some human with feelings, a human who is scared, a human who feel actual pain, a human who has a larger life outside of his gaze.

If you choose to imagine that punter see the prostituted as full humans – you are more than deluded, it is a total abandonment of the prostituted.

Why do you abandon us.

So Good Friday is very meaningful to me.

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