No Respect

I can hardly breathe as I try to write this post – but the message of this post has built up inside of me for many years.

It is I cannot bear any longer the cynical use of the murdered bodies of prostituted women and girls as an excuse to push for more indoors prostitution.

This has been background noise for centuries – why else was temple prostitution painted as safe, why else did more upper classes want brothels and courtesans, why else was it ignore that Jack the Ripper murdered indoors.

For centuries, the sex trade and it’s supporters have created the myth that there a huge difference between street prostitutes and the clean, safe indoors prostitution.

What shocks me to the depth of my core, is that this dangerous myth is believed by so many with power, and so many that normally fight for human rights.

Is it that in plain reality, that the prostituted are always to remain sub-human – remaining just as statistics to prove a point, pawns to show whether or not it safe or not – not giving the luxury of full humanity, for then they may speak for themselves.

This is at it most striking when there is a serial killer murdering prostituted women and girls. There is from almost every side, except abolitionists, the use the bodies of the prostituted as a bargaining tool.

I am always struck that it is always reported if a serial killer murdered street prostitutes – even when the vast majority are murdered in flats or hotels.

Often if the murdered prostitute does fit the neat stereotype of being on the street – but is an escort, was brought on the net, was followed after working in a sex club – then the media and pro-sex trade lobby will force her back into the street prostitute label.

In this stereotype, there is a massive undercurrent of blaming the prostitute for getting herself murdered.

She was so addicted to drugs, that she took no real care what punter she went with, she was so desperate for money and/or mentally ill that she give up caring how sadistic punters were with her, she was isolated – it is amazing how easy it to make sadistic punters invisible or say they just so damn rare.

If the punter is to blame, he will remain a victim or maverick. He is made out to be a savage who is of course too mentally ill to control his actions, he is made to so lonely and isolated that he has lost how to be in society.

Never said what most prostituted women know inside their guts and in every cell of their bodies – that most punters are capable of extreme sadism to get their kicks – just some make the choice to act the nice guys.

From the prostituted’s point of view, it not the sadism that is the rarity, it is being seen as full human who has the right to safety and dignity that is like finding a unicorn.

The fact that throughout all history there have been serial killers of the prostituted, only means that violence inside prostitution is so normal that is only reported or noticed when a punter and/or profiteers murdered more than three prostituted women or girls.

Not the reality that for more than 3000 years, prostituted women and girls have been murdered one at time by one punter at the time, by one brothel owner at the time, by one porn producer at the time, by one policeman at the time – all these murders are made invisible.

It is easy to write out genocide if no-one make any records or allow the voices of the prostituted to be heard.

And there has always been a genocide against prostituted women and girls, only as some thousands are murdered, the sex trade is replacing its goods with yet more vulnerable women and girls.

So it never happened – no-one speak of the atrocity, no bodies are left for others to say there’s the evidence – so it is written out of history.

But by Christ, I know and so do all prostituted women inside our minds and bodies.

We know the violence inside us was never a rarity, was never newly invented. We know that as long as there been a prostituted class, that punters and profiteers have had the right to place all their sadism and hate into us.

I know my pain was the pain of the prostituted locked inside temple-brothels in Athens, was the pain of the prostituted in the East End of London, was the pain of the prostituted that jazz romanised in New Orleans and so much more.

But, my pain goes into orbit when I see and read that the murdered of prostituted women is used to force the issue that all prostitution should legalise and placed indoors.

This is such dangerous nonsense.

Legalising prostitution will make no difference to whether punter and/profiteers make the choice to murder the prostituted – they do not give a damn what her status is, to them she just goods to be tossed away.

What makes me so furious is the constant making invisible the everyday sadism that is indoors prostitution – it does not count if inside a brothel, if inside a sex club, if the prostitute was brought on the net, and it does not count when sadism is done to a street prostitution in a flat or hotel.

Is it that if there wall and roof, that by magic it is no longer sadism, no it just a business exchange or just fun and games.

Does prostitution being indoors suddenly make everything fully consensual – being indoors suddenly means the prostitute has power and control, and the punter is a victim.

So indoors prostitution is never real violent, and if there is some violence, is some kind of accident or beyond the pale.

So punters know as they enter indoors prostitution all violence is hidden, they can do as they want without consequence – without any justice for the prostituted.

So don’t have the total lack of respect to use the bodies of murdered prostituted women and girls to push to make prostitution goes indoors, and make it normalised.

No, fight harder to end all demand of punters to have a prostituted class to pour all their sadism into. Fight harder to hear the voices of prostituted when they say violence is the norm, not some rare event. Fight harder for human rights to safety and dignity for all the prostituted, whatever label punters and profiteers put on them.

Don’t put it behind closed doors, hoping them all the violence will just go away coz you don’t see or hear it.

Know that indoors prostitution has a long and bloody history of women and girls disappearing – that is unacceptable.

Please fight or consider abolition – please place the dignity and safety of all the prostituted above some dream that the sex trade will ever be made safe.

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