Find Me the Good Punter

I know that those who want the sex trade to continue as normal, want to believe that punters can be divided into bad and good guys.

I say find me the good punter, not in your fantasy, but in the reality of the prostituted.

It is very easy to know the bad punter. The punter that beats up whores for a laugh, the punter who does sadistic porn fantasies on the prostituted living bodies, the punter who see the prostitute is terrified and doesn’t give a damn.

It so easy to find the bad punter. He is inside brothels doing sexual acts that he knows will remain unspeakable, he is buying women off the net so in private she will be his sexual slave, he is beating up and raping a street prostitute.

Bad punters are everywhere and nowhere – the only thing they are noticed is if they turn serial killers, or as proof that if prostitution is legalised and regulated their behaviour would be outlawed.

That is rubbish – but it nice to imagined that there only a few bad punters and otherwise prostitution is safe and great working conditions. Nice to believe, but the complete opposite to the truth.

I have never heard of truly good punter – just some are less violent than others, some are more reasonable than others – but none see the prostitute as a full human, the best they may see a pampered pet or a precious living sex-doll.

No punter wants a prostitute to have emotions or a mind outside of his stereotype of his whore. No punter wants his whore to have any life outside being holes for men to fill.

Sure there are many ways of punters acting the role of the good guy.

He can believe he the good guy, because he makes the choice not to beat her up like some other bastard punter does.

Many of these so-called good punters get off on knowing the whore he is fucking and owning, may be beaten up before and after he has left. Often he see the evidence on her body – bruises, hand prints round her neck, signs of many kickings.

Does this stop him getting his money worth, does it make him protest about the conditions of the prostitutes he buys, does he report it to the police – does it hell.

These so-called good guys still do their porn fantasies on the prostitute, still leave her in an environment where any punter can treat her as trash – but he can tell himself he the good guy.

There are the punters who go with a prostitute, claiming that peer pressure force them to do it.

This may the guys who join in with gang-raping, but act as they just obeying orders from some top man. They can’t help it their penis, fists, teeth and objects go into the whore – they were too scared not to do as the other men were doing.

I do not believe that – they can leave the room, they can just watch – they can if they were real men report the torturing of another human being. Instead they join in the fun – and then make out they had no control.

I know what it is to inside gang-raping inside prostitution. I can tell it is calculated, it is often slow and drawn out, it is down with great coldness.

I can tell you there is plenty of opportunity for any punter to walk away. If he joins in, he does because he loves the power of degrading the whore and making her dirt.

There are the good guys who claim that their friends forced them to go with a whore – you know to prove they are not gay, to lose their virginity, to learn sex techniques, to do stuff that their partner refuses to do, coz their friends think he is lonely and all other excuses.

These guys may say they don’t want to be with the whore, that they want to be will a real woman. But, it is amazing that even when alone with the prostitute, these guys never walk away, never just talk – no they always have sex, they usually not that bother about their violence or total disregard of the prostitute as a human.

They just act like any other punter.

I know that many outside the world of prostitution like to imagine the good punter may just be a talker, may treat the prostitute like a princess and create her as some strong woman.

If this does happen, it is always inside the rules of the punter. A prostitute is given the delusion of having some power – as long she is always available to be his sex-doll, as long as does whatever sex acts he wants without question.

Her so-called freedom is limited to how long he is entertained by her, when he bored or she acts as if she will do his will, she will thrown back into the trash-heap.

I do not believe in the good punter.

No, I believe in men who not only would never buy or sell the prostituted – but are fully behind the battle to get abolition of the sex trade.

Those are the real men – the men I am proud to have on my side.

Those men will know there is no such thing as a good punter. Any punter’s excuse must speak over by the men who know the truth, that if you choose to buy a prostitute, then you are paying to part of the rape industry.

There are no reason and no excuses left for being part of the sex trade.

I hate that good punters convince themselves they are not rapists – when each time a man decide to use a prostitute as his sex object that is rape.

There is no true consent, when the prostitute is just goods to be used.

Sorry good punters, exited prostituted women know you are rapists. We still carry your pollution in our bodies.

You not the good guys – just deluded.

2 responses to “Find Me the Good Punter

  1. Don’t feel alone. They want you to, but you’re not. There are so many who just don’t speak up cause they’re scared and they think they are alone.


  2. This is so true. So true. Like I’ve said before, all men who use prostituted women are rapists, period. When I get better, I want so badly to help my fellow sisters in their recovery from prostitution. I would love to volunteer to help these women because I know and understand what they’ve been through. Keep up the fight!


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