Just Imagine

Imagine you are inside prostitution – imagine hard enough to stop being romantic.

Imagine the deadness.

A deadness that makes you nothing but a porn-toy.

Punters may act as if they respect you, but always you must be there to be fuck in any and every hole in your body, but always the respect is from a master to his slave.

But remain dead, for the majority of punters don’t give you any respect – too busy using your body to copy most hard-core porn into a living body.

Punters don’t buy prostitutes for “normal” penis in the vagina sex – no, they buy whores to all the sex acts that “nice girls” will not.

In other words, punters want to use violence on the prostitutes, want to push the boundaries of pain and fear that the prostitutes can bear, want to play life and death games, want to rape without consequences.

That is not romantic – but it is realistic.

Imagine being that dead being.

That is why I write – this a short piece, an interlude, but please imagine that deadness.

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