Punters Just Lie

I write this post to express some of the mental poison placed into me and other exited prostituted women by the men that used us.

This is a tiny selection of the lies and excuses men say to prostitutes – know there so much more that is either too painful or too run of the mill to express.

Many punters love to talk, thinking that the prostitute cares to listen. Punters love the sound of their own voice, especially as it makes their violence normal, make it have the veneer of being a real relationship.

Punters talk to get a counsellor, talk to an imagined girlfriend, talk an adult prostitute into being a child, talk an under-aged prostitutes into sophistication, talk about what violent porn he wants to do, talk about what his wife/partner won’t do, talk of murder then say it’s only a joke, talk how they don’t normally do this, talk of she is a sinner – punters talk and talk and talk.

Most prostitutes hate the talkers – most blank them out by imaging killing that voice, blank it out so it cannot be real.

But as a prostitute you learn to pretend to listen, to say a few words in the right places, to say enough so he knows he is a god – then maybe, with luck, there will be little violence.

The prostitute listens to survive – the punter talks to justify his hate.

There are many types of talking punters.

There are the one who want a mother/sister/counsellor – want the prostitute to hear him say his problems, hear his life story, listen to his doubts.

These punters think the prostitute cares – but why should she, when he has brought her as an object, his whining/pretty words mean nothing as he will fuck her without ever seeing that she is human.

He speaks lies of his life, selecting what paints him as a victim. He frames his actions as non-rape, non-beating up, non-sexual torturing. It cannot be real violence, he is just having sex with someone who understands he cannot help his flaws.

It is made to look like an accident – only punters lie as they have planned buying a prostitute, planned what porn actions they will do to her, and planned to paint a picture that they are the real victim.

This works as so much of our society want to believe in the victim- punter manipulated by the prostitute.

These punters make out their violence is a loss of control, is pented-up frustration – and thank god for prostitutes, else they may rape real women.

Now we come to the talk of punters that can never be forgotten. They talk of how they will do extreme violence to the prostituted, coz it is inside them, they were born that way, they don’t want to it – but need to sadistically use a whore, else they might rape or murder some innocent woman.

They will say that to the prostitute, look directly at her and just say it – expecting pity or understanding, expecting congratulations for being so upfront.

As a prostitute, you learn not to show terror, not to be sick, not to scream for help – as a prostitute , you learn to survive by showing no emotions, as these punters described in detail their dreams of sadistic sexual torturing.

There is little that can done when trapped with these types of punters – just hope maybe beyond hope, this time it is just talk.

Bur mostly the words are just a preamble to sexual torturing.

The punter will almost kill the prostitute, and always believe it is no big deal – coz you can’t rape a whore, she is damaged goods already.

And he hasn’t hurt anyone – for now real women are safe from his dark thoughts.

There are the punters who talk as they imagined they would to a girlfriend. Only this girlfriend has no voice, no life outside of his viewing her, must at any time of the day and night be there for him to fuck in any porn scenario he wants.

This girlfriend must be perfect – perfect like a photo-shoot from Playboy, perfect as de Sade describes his sexual slaves, perfect as Stepford.

If she has a mind of her own, or speak out of turn, or does not constantly praise his – this girlfriend is reminded through fists, through oral and anal rapes, through being locked in, through being stopped from sleeping – that she is nothing but his whore.

He will and can throw her any time and buy another girlfriend.

He talk of his rules constantly, and to survive the prostitute better learn them damned fast.

Most talking punters go on and on and on about what they don’t get at home – many saying they are happy with their wife/partner, but just need something extra.

Mainly it some kind of sex they think may disgust or upset their partner. But whores don’t mind, they just love the sort of sex that normal women hate.

I do not believe these punters – they know it scares or disgust the prostitute as well, they know as well she cannot say no without severe consequences.

Punters buy prostitutes to get a woman or girl who has no rights to say no, no rights to her safety as he put his sick porn fantasies into her living body. He buys a prostitute to have that complete control.

Then he lies that it must be ok, coz whores are a breed apart who don’t care if it life-threatening, how much pain there is, if it is terrorism – whores just do what the man wants.

These are a few examples of the crap that prostitutes have to listen to.

We have heard and have inside our bodies the essence of male hatred that the centre of all violence to women and children.

Please listen to our voices, and learn who violent men really are.

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