So, Men are Victims

When you speak out about human rights for the prostituted, men come back with what our rights to have access to the prostituted.

In comes in many disguises, many whining excuses, many pretences of being reasonable, many so-called intellectual points, many it helps me to be a real man/an artist – all words to hide that the men who choose to buy and sell the prostituted enjoy the power and control they have.

There is the selective use of history to prove that prostitution was always chosen was always been empowering to the women, was always the prostituted manipulating the punters, was always a brilliant way for women to have as much power as men.

How wonderfully romanised, how it sounds like a novel or Hollywood film – so neat, so tidy, so lacking in any indication that prostitution was always founded on violence and control.

No seeing that so-called history of prostitution is written by the users and producers of the sex trade, and the voices of the prostituted are written out.

This will be seen in history of the colonised, history of non-prostituted women, history of those lose in battles – that those with the power will re-write history to suit their viewpoint.

A great deal of history is not fact, it is the viewpoint of those who have access to make a record of their times, it is the viewpoint of those in later times decide to dissect those past times.

So the history of prostitution was mostly written by men who wanted to prove there is no damage done by punters, who like are them, using prostitutes.

In that history, brothels are artistic, where jazz was invented, a naughty place for men to visit, often a place where men are fleeced.

There is little or no mention of constant rapes, battering, supplying punters with access to sadistic sex, with constant throwing away of prostitutes – that does not fit the history of brothels being access to liberating sex.

Men often use the excuse that prostitution is just the same as buying a date a meal and having sex after.

That cold attitude to women said more about the man than the situation – those men will make themselves out to be the victim.

Like buying a woman a meal and some drinks, means a man losing his ability to go away from her, that he not stop himself from having sex even when he rather be doing anything else.

Wow, it must so hard being a man. For I can think of loads of times I have been alone with a man, where we have flirted, had a meal, maybe got drunk – and by some miracle manage to have or not have sex because we choose it.

Buying a meal for a woman does not make you a punter, and it most certainty does not make her a prostitute. It is called socialising, not prostitution.

When you choose to buy a prostitution, you are not socialising, you are owning and controlling another human for your selfish sexual wants.

If part of the prostitution is taking her a meal, is making her girlfriend material, to make an escort your sexual prop in public – that is never a relationship, it is always the prostitute being thoroughly owned.

A prostitute has no rights or say about when the punter will have sex with her, no rights or say about how violent or so-called respectful he chooses to be – the prostitute has no rights or say, for she is not considered human, but his fuck-toy.

That is nothing like going on a date.

Many men moan that prostitution is just like when they divorce, and their ex screws money out of them.

Give me a break, men are such delicate little lambs. Building a universe where all women spend every waking moment planning their destruction, by taking money from them.

That is the same as being raped by any punters, same as being made to accept sexual torture, same as living in an environment where other prostitutes disappear – it sounds and feels the same to me.

How dare you compare divorce to prostitution.

I cannot go on now, it makes so furious how men can make the prostituted so sub-human – so they can continue to own and control us without any inconvenience of a conscious.

One response to “So, Men are Victims

  1. Absolutely excellent post. These pathetic self-obsessed losers make me sick. If anyone has ‘victim mentality’ it is these precious little boys who think that treating women with a tiny bit of respect is outraging their human right to sex on demand.


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