No Safe Place

In this blog, I write a lot about indoors prostitution. That is because that was my experiences, and because most prostitution is indoors.

Certainty it is where a great deal of the violence that happens to the prostituted occurs.Even when the punters choose to buy street prostitutes, if they want to violent with privacy and plenty of time, they usually do that in a flat, their home, hotel, inside some club and anywhere else indoors.

It the privacy that counts – not having the punter looking his shoulder as he makes the prostitute into his porn fantasy.

That is why there can never be a safe space for the prostituted – only the hope that the individual punter is not too sadistic.

There an expression that is popular with abolitionists –

It is not the location that endangers the prostituted – it the men in that location.

This places the blames fully onto the punter, onto his choices.

His choice to think he has the right to buy another human to be his living porn-toy.

His choice to treat her as piece of trash or to pretend that he has respect for her.

His choice to buy from the many labels of the prostitute – the street prostitute, the escort, going to a sauna, picking up a prostitute from the net, and endless other labels men give the prostituted.

His choice where he fucks her – in his car, behind some building, in a cheap/posh hotel, in his flat, in a brothel, in a lap-dancing club, in his office, on some trip with him and endless more mind-numbing places.

To be honest, men who choose to believe they have the right to have prostitutes, will and do believe that every place can be made suitable to fuck his whores – and in his mind-set all prostitutes are just waiting for his power and control to go into them.

To be honest, those men believe deeply that prostitutes have no existence outside being fucked by them.

How in that environment can there ever be a safe place for the prostituted.

It is a delusion to paint a picture of the caring punter.

A man who is caring would not even imagine buying another human to be his porn-toy.

Any man who makes the choice to buy a prostitute is unable to have a heart – I really do not care if he plays the game of treating her with respect, I don’t care if he thinks he does it coz he is lonely, I don’t care if he claim he has some medical need to buy prostitutes, I don’t care if he makes out he only did it coz all his mates were doing it, I don’t care that he has to fulfil his ideas of kinky sex, I don’t care that he can’t get it at home – I bloody don’t care what stupid excuses punters make.

Anything but the cold truth – that punters want to own, control and abuse the prostituted in privacy and without any consequences. That must be unsaid – and just left written on the bodies of the prostituted.

How there be a safe place for the prostituted when that is how they are viewed.

No wonder the favoured locations to use the prostituted are indoors – for there it will be private and hidden.

Indoors is a space that give the punter so much time to torture with no interference – indoors becomes a prison for the prostituted.

But the promoters of the sex trade spread the lies that if all prostituted was placed indoors, was legalised, was structured inside brothels or escorting – then all the violence would magically disappear.

They hide any ugliness from outsiders, and slowly make the sex trade look like Disneyland.

By saying violence is limited – and giving outward views of decent workplace – the sex trade hopes it stops the outside world looking too deeply.

But behind closed doors, it is business as usual.

Same old catering to any and all sadistic porn fantasy that makes a huge profit.

Same old making prostitutes into goods that have no rights and will be made sub-human.

Same old lack of care of whether the goods are raped repeatedly, whether the goods are tortured, and no care if plenty of goods are murdered or commit suicide.

Prostitution keeps it cold heart running – just over the centuries and depending on the society, gives itself a new image and ways of describing itself. All to make it appear fun and harm-free.

Not saying the truth that was never a time when prostitutes were safe or free – not now, not in the past, and there will never be a time in some stupid sex trade utopia.

The only utopia that is worth imaging is a world where the sex trade is so destroyed, that most humans cannot ever imagine how we ever thought of such a horrific system.

That is what I fight for.



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