What Are You Saying

Often the hurt comes from voices of women deciding to inform exited women of the reality of the sex trade. We are told many times we know only our individual story, not the bigger picture.

The bigger picture is more often than not an excuse to gloss over the violence, that we know is the norm in all aspects of the sex trade.

The bigger picture is always a search for the legendary happy hooker or famous rich porn star, so others can rest in peace knowing the sex trade is just fun and empowering.

The bigger picture is full of caring punters who would never use a trafficked or under-aged prostitute, would never consume violent porn – heck, these punters are so decent they would report anything dodgy.

The bigger picture is where the only violence is illegal, or because the individual women cannot judge the bad apples who may harm her.

The bigger picture is that is all down to the working environment – that all prostituted women should be off the streets and placed into brothels, make them into escorts, get them to work from the net – then everything will be safe and nice.

The bigger picture would be a safer indoors workplace, with alarms, camera, bodyguards, bad punters lists, and of course a caring manager.

The bigger picture is that porn is not violence, but just willing adults having sex on camera, it is prudish to think otherwise.

The bigger picture is that the sex trade will care about the mental and physical welfare of its employees. They are damned proud of their treatment of their girls.

The bigger picture is that if you can believe the sex trade is all fine and dandy – then you can turn your back on it and think more important issues.

Well, I choose to burst your bubble. I choose to say there is nothing good about the sex trade – it must be destroyed if we want women and girls to re-enter a world where they can be fully human.

Let me explore the bigger picture step by step.

It is nice to gloss over the violence inside the sex trade, but it not realistic and is very insulting to the millions of women and girls enduring that hell, and the lucky ones who have exited and are living with extreme trauma from that violence.

They are the vast majority, they are the goods that the sex trade will know it has an endless supply of – so the sex trade will torture, will rape on industrial scale, will pick on all vulnerable women and girls, will focus on the poor, will focus on racist stereotyping, will get girls who have already been abused, will throw away most of its goods if she is too old or protest too much – that is the environment for most women an girls inside the sex trade.

The violence is so normalised that most women and girls inside the sex trade cannot name as rape, cannot know it is structured mental and physical torture. It is so regular that no pain is felt, for to survive the prostituted woman or girl has cut away her body from her mind.

So,when you say there is little violence – that is because you choose to see the surface, the whore who smiles, the porn actress who clearly loves being fucked – you don’t look into her eyes, you don’t see her deadness. You choose not to view her as human as you are.

To look only for the happy hooker or rich porn star is a deep betrayal to most women and girls inside or exited from the sex trade. It is self-delusional, and is it you wanting the sex trade just to about happy sex that you like, or may think would be adventurous. It is nothing to do with reality that sex is nothing to do with what goes on inside the sex trade.

Most prostitutes of any man-made label are not having sex, it is exploitation and violence.

Whether there is rape, torture or threats or not, the prostitute is always viewed as goods to be exchanged. She is not viewed as a full human, just a porn-toy. In that environment, the prostitute learn to smile and to please the punter – it keeps her relatively safe, never fully safe for always the punter can choose to beat her up or sexually torture her at any time.

Inside most porn, the consumers demand the contented porn star – no matter there is agony, no matter it could be classed as torture, no matters the risks of disease and mental damage – he wants her to look happy.

The myth of the “caring” punter – don’t make me laugh.

Punters will buy whatever fits their porn-fuelled heads. They don’t care if she is under-aged, full of needles marks, just been beaten up, cannot speak the language of the country she is in, if he is part of a line of many men fucking her, if it appears she is locked in – god, why would they care, many punters love the power of forcing a whore back into dirt.

It is a myth that punters report dodgy going-ons unless they have been caught out. Heck, they are the market for under-aged and trafficked women, why would they report that.

These punters are not the bad apples, they are the major profit for the sex trade.

I could explode with rage and grief each time I have to hear that prostitution will be ok if it placed indoors.

How many times must it be stated there is nothing safe about indoors prostitution – not when men who choose to buy and consume prostitution always have the choice whether to use violence or not.

The bottom line is never where the prostitute is – it is whether or not she is sold as an object to be treated as trash or not, it is whether the punter’s fantasy is to fuck her close to death or not. That can be in any place – on the street, in a posh hotel, inside a car, in a brothel, brought from the net, in a flat and endless other locations.

The prostitute has no rights that allow her safety, just the hope that the individual punter will not be too violent.

In that environment, all outward signs of safety – alarms, bodyguards, bad punters lists etc – are completely pointless. For if she is marketed as fuck-goods, anything goes behind closed doors.

These so-called safety precautions are just for show, it not about stopping the hate and violence.

I do not know where to start with the myth that porn is just sex on camera.

Do you not see the dead eyes, do you not think that it must be painful or gut-wrenching, can you refuse to see she is a human.

No, I suppose not – for always, when speaking of the women inside porn, I hear speech of how they are plastic really, that it not real so does not matter. So there cannot be real pain and it is never degrading.

How can you betrayed the women inside porn with such heartlessness – is it so you have the freedom to consume porn without the trouble of thinking it is exploitation, mustn’t interrupt your masturbating with reality.

Then there is the myth that the sex trade profiteers care about the mental and physical welfare of their goods. Why would they, when they know that they can de-construct the woman or girl in nothing but an object to be exploited for as much profit as possible.

That will involve mental violence, constant rapes, endless ways of sexually torturing, closing her away from the world outside the sex trade, and with care making her sub-human.

Don’t call her a sex worker – see the truth, she has been made into fuck-goods.

And don’t turn away from the violence and hate that is the sex trade.

If say you care about violence to women and girls – and refuse to see the hell that is the sex trade, then you can never get to the roots of the issue.

As long as men have the prostituted class, there will never be an end to male violence to women and girls. For as long, as men have permission to have a class that are nothing but fuck-goods, where any rapes, any sexual torture or any murders are viewed as unimportant or just part of what she is – then it gives permission for all male violence.

I cannot see it as a minor issue.

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