A Deafening Silence

Another International Women’s Day has gone by, and again there is a deafening silence around the conditions and violence inside all aspects of the sex trade.

It like all the words of Andrea Dworkin and Catherine MacKinnon have been forgotten – all that is remembered is the propaganda that being in the sex trade must be a choice, and if pushed indoors it will be safer and made entertainment.

Is that the best we can do the prostituted class – after IWD, I can only feel grief that yet again, there is a sense of betrayal for the prostituted class.

I cannot understand how women can truly advance, truly be free from male violence, truly have equality – whilst the sex trade exists and thrives.

Where is the equality, safety and self-advancement when in almost every country, women and girls are brought and sold as sexual goods?

It is good enough for equality and rights to be only granted to non-prostituted women and girls, to totally ignored the rights of women and girls inside porn?

Is it ok to fight against violence against women and girls – and to push away any discussions of the conditions in indoors prostitution, conditions in the production of porn, conditions of street-based prostituted women and girls, conditions of both externally and internally trafficked women and girls in all aspects of the sex trade, conditions inside brothels, conditions in saunas, conditions of “high-class” escorting, conditions inside sex clubs and on and on and on?

How can we fight racism, if we ignore that the sex trade celebrated race-hate – look how porn frame all women and girls into sick racist fuck-dreams, see Asian as submissive and maybe would make the perfect wife, make too many Black women are framed as sex-crazed and domineering, I sure if you closely at porn, you see race-hate at it’s most basis – know prostitution is seethed in race-hate, every porn-fuelled race-hate fantasy is forced into the bodies and minds of the prostituted class. But that is pushed away, for I suppose you choose to decide we choose to be there.

Well, that is why IWD cannot be a day of celebration for far too many of the prostituted class – it is that bottom line, that we seen as sub-humans not to be included inside IWD, for it has been decided that we freely choose our lifestyle.

Of course, there are made exceptions for the externally trafficked prostituted women and those prostitutes who are considered under-aged – but even then there are huge question marks about whether they are happy or not, whether they may be economically migrating so real trafficked victims, whether the so-called child prostitute is really in control – so who are we to judge.

Too often that accused expression is used to do nothing to give back the prostituted class full safety, dignity and simple right to be a human again – who are we to judge.

God, would not judge as you saw a woman being battered by her known partner, would not judge as a girl is raped by her stepdad, would you judge as armies raped thousands of women and girls – by judging I mean having the guts not see the individual victims, and just helping one at a time, but know and see that all violence against women and girls is calculated as gender-hate – so it most be attacked on a structural scale if we really to end the violence.

So many women will see that when it comes to the non-prostituted women and girls – they see rape, domestic violence, rape as a war crime etc as signs of a war by men against women and girls.

But when it comes to the sex trade, there is a massive blind spot.

Well this is self-defeating, for the violence and hate that is the sex trade is the foundation stone of all that male war against women and girls.

This is clear in porn – that porn is teaching materials to create all violence to women and girls, that sexual torturing is forged by porn, then used as a political and domestic weapon against the non-prostituted.

This is clear as the prostitute of any man-made label, has her body used for all sexual violence you can imagine, and so much more your mind may not let you know.

This is clear as the sex trade can and does move women and girls as sexual good from country to country, from one violent aspect of the sex trade to a more violent aspect of the sex trade.

This is clear when too many will accept the lies there no real rape in the sex trade, that violence is fake or wanted by the prostituted class.

How can the prostituted class celebrate IWD in that environment.

We have a long to go – for now we still framed as sub-humans.

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