You Said What

I have decided to write a few of the ignorant stuff said over and over by liberal and leftist, when they are backing the sex trade.

It is easy to attack those we would consider to be our opponents – say those on the right, the fundamentalists on religion grounds, those with outrageous power. That is the soft option – it loads harder to look closely at those that should be our allies, but over and over betray the prostituted class.

I cannot any more being inside meetings,  be socialising and having my choice of media infected by lies and myths about the sex trade. I am sick of always having to be on guard with those I thought I would safe with.

In this post, I shake off some of my frustrations.

I have many bad experiences with anarchists – here is one of their classics.

“All work is slavery – so why is sex work so bad then.”

I do not say that the whole sentence is utter nonsense. I do not say their words hurt me to the bone.

Well all work is not slavery, although some work is. But say to a publisher, a teacher, an actor, a politician, a nurse and so many others that they are slaves – and you may see your nonsense.

Many people enjoy their work – and of course everyone who works will have terrible days, will often get pissed off, will want to be elsewhere – but those lucky enough to enjoy their job would never consider themselves as slaves.

A slave has no rights to safety, no rights to have a voice, and slaves are made sub-humans.

That is not true of the vast majority of those in work.

I have and would never say that being in the sex trade is work – for it is not work, it is more equal to slavery.

Women and girls inside the sex trade are stripped of the rights to safety. Inside every aspect of the sex trade, women and girls are made into sexual goods, where any violence and degradation will be their norm.

In that environment, the women and girls inside the sex trade have no access to an authentic voice. Their voices are filtered through the brainwashing and propaganda of the sex trade.

That is the condition of a slave.

Liberals and leftists are obsessed with making the sex trade into sex work – another expression that gets my goat is –

“It not as bad as working at McDonald’s, being a cleaner etc”.

Well actually it is.

Unless when you are working in McDonald’s, and raped for any and no reason – then there is not much connection. And if when you are cleaner and someone forces your head into the toilet and anally fucks you – then it may be similar.

But when comparing with other places, the liberals and leftists want to cut out the violence and degradation that is the norm of all aspects of the sex trade – and say a slight improvement in the conditions and everything will be fine.

Fine to continue with having a class of women and girls to be into fuck-goods for any and all men – call that work, it is ok then.

Fine to make invisible the many and endless ways that those men are sadistic to that prostituted class.

Call it sex work, and that means yeah there may some risks – such as rape, sexual torture, drug addiction, beatings, murders and inner death – but, hey all work is tough sometimes.

Call it sex work, and that will shut down any inconvenient talk about human rights, about sexual slavery, about racism, about sadism, about child abuse etc.

But most important call it sex work – and then we cannot mention the men who buy and sell the prostituted class, do not say it is those men who are the cause and reason there is so much violence and degradation –  make those men invisible.

Another expression used by the leftists and liberals to silence exited women is –

“You were too weak, too damaged before entering sex work, too prudish, too drugged up, too unlucky, must have been in the illegal part of sex work, too desperate, and on and on – to cope with the work”.

Keep the focus on the individual exited woman, attack her whilst giving the veneer of being concerned – that is a highly effective way to silence her and keep those men invisible.

I hope every women and girl does not have to cope with being inside the sex trade. I do not want any woman or girl to be on receiving end of the hate, the violence and the terror that are the foundations of every aspects of the sex trade.

To survive the sex trade takes more inner strength than most people could even imagine – I never want to be that strong again.

I hate the leftists and liberals that talk about sex work – for they accept the violence and degradation that is the sex trade.

They accept it by making it fake, it only entertainment, there is no real harm.

So the men that buy and sell the prostituted are not only invisible – but their criminal acts are made normal.

This betrayal is slowly killing me.

4 responses to “You Said What

  1. In prostitution; no union, no representative, no amount of security can stop the violence and torture. Because it is done in the privacy of the consumer, the john. He has bought a human being for the time he paid for.
    To compare that with work is ludicrous. Workers can organise into unions, who can bargain with the boss. Because workers are not slaves, workers are free to come and go.
    A slave can never bargain.
    No wonder you feel betrayed by the stupidity and dogma of those who say they support “human rights”. Sorry to swear but they are full of shit.
    Thinking of you always xox


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  3. It’s heartbreaking that those with whom we ought to share alliance are the most vicious in their attacks on women who understand prostitution as male violence. It’s as if we are on different planets–the people who consider prostitution a form of labour cannot understand the people who see it as a form of male violence against (mostly) women. and for my part, i can’t understand how people can see prostitution as “sex work”–you don’t have to look very far to see the suffering that men’s ceaseless demands for sex has wrought. Thank you for your courage.


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