Make It Safer 2

There is clamouring to push prostitution indoors.

Make it safer.

Put it indoors, and somehow by magic the prostitute is respected, it is given the veneer of worker’s right.

Make it safer.

Indoors prostitution will be clean and so well-regulated.

Make it safer.

Being indoors the individual prostitute woman will never trafficked, never under-aged, never there for some punter’s racist fuck-dream – she is always in control and can select the punter.

Make it safer.

There is nothing strange about alarms, cameras, bodyguards for a job that is so secure.

Make it safer.

It cannot be rape when you are giving a service.

Make it safer.

When and if the clients beat you up, it is just a game, just part of a porn scenario – it is never real violence.

Make it safer.

It not odd if the manager/pimp takes most of your money.

Make it safer.

The clients are gentlemen, not a constant line of strangers who just want to empty out their porn-fuelled minds by masturbating into a living body.

Make it safer.

You can imagine that Richard Gere may rescue you – but learn to place that thought far away for your sanity.

Make it safer.

Get used to feeling nothing, get used to forgetting how and why you ended up in this room being fucked to almost dead.

Make it safer.

It may be posh whoring, with meals, with trips, with endless hotels and flats – but there are still the bruises, the internal injuries, the terror, the lack of hope and the knowledge you are nothing but goods.

Make it safer.

Tell me how you would –

Make it safer.

One response to “Make It Safer 2

  1. Why, don’t we all know, it’s the equivalent of a Nazi supporter saying to the world,

    “why, we want to respect those babies prior to the ovens so we’ll make them safer, more fire friendly!”

    and “why, we want to make the gas chambers safer too”

    you know, the institutions and government pay mega thousands debating on ways to butcher animals for food, to make the killing more humane,

    but for Women, not so. Safer for rapists, Sure,

    safer for women, no way…unless, one thinks, it’s possible to make torture and gas chambers and ovens,




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