I was a Prostitute, But not the Fun Type

Always there is a belief that being a prostitute must be fun.

Maybe not those working on the streets, then those seeking out the fun prostitute, will pity the victim-whore on the streets.

But place a woman into indoors prostitution – then it must be fun , must be her choice, she must have control, and there must be limited violence.

Wow – that is a huge amount of wishful thinking.

Well, I was a prostitute and I always worked indoors.

I cannot remember the fun times – though I can remember forcing myself to believe it was fun.

I did not have the privilege of choosing the punters that used me. I certainly was not in any position to turn away violent men, not when I was marketed for sadistic sex.

It is a myth the many women inside indoors prostitution can pick and choose punters.

The time I have witness that it was not prostitution – it is privileged women acting at being a prostitute, by getting friends they know and trust to fuck them and give them cash.

That is a game – that is not prostitution.

Prostitution is when all men are entitled to used the whore, and it the managers or punters who make the rules which men do that, not the prostituted.

In that environment,  the label of the whore is what decides what punters does to her.

The prostitute is goods, goods have no control how they are marketed – no control how they are used, no control over the violence and hate they are more than likely on the receiving end of.

I say if women are privileged enough to play the prostitute for fun – she has enough privilege to have sex without being paid.

It is deeply insulting to millions of prostituted women and girls trapped inside the sex trade to make a game of prostitution. You are playing the whore -whilst there is mass rapes, sexual torturing and murders of real whores.

And if you have the nerve to call your game a feminist – god damned you to hell.

I love the delusion that indoors can be made safe or usually just safer by regulation or legalising it in every country.

That is a sick joke, when you have been on the receiving end.

Most indoors prostitution will the pretence of regulation, few want to outwardly appear like the bad guys, all will be clean and orderly for any outside eyes.

That does not prevent the violence, it just behind a closed door.

There is dream that being an escort must be safe, escorts must be protected and any violence is mutually agreed to.


To be an escort is to never know whether there will be violence or not, to be an escort is be in the position of what in other scenarios would be named as date-rape on endless occasions.

It gives punters the knowledge that they have complete privacy to act out every and all porn fantasy on the escort. Punters who have brought the escort as they but a takeaway meal – over the net or the phone.

Any regulation is not there to protect the escort – all is to give the punter more time and space to do sexual violence and know it will be made invisible, or to give the managers the outward appearance of being respectable businessmen.

Regulation does stop the rapes, does not prevent sexual torturing – named it as special or supplying kinky sex, then it will made invisible or just fun.

So I was a prostitute, but never the fun type.


One response to “I was a Prostitute, But not the Fun Type

  1. BRILLIANT. Great title, great point about being privileged to enjoy being paid for sex meaning you can have sex without payment sure enough.
    Really awesome work, Rebecca. Hugs xxx


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