Not Work, But Goods

There is drive to say that prostitution is sex work.

That is not true on so many levels – but a fundamental reason is that it cannot be work when all prostitutes are goods.

She cannot be a worker, if she has no access to full humanity – that is being made into sex goods to be brought and sold, to be manipulated in any violence whether physical, mental or sexual.

She is not a worker, but goods – when she no rights to have a voice, no rights to safety, no rights to have her own opinions.

You may say that is just the extreme.

It is the not – it just the common environment for the vast majority of women and girls.

You may say that may be true in poor countries, but in rich Western countris most whores are treated with respect.


In every city in every country where prostitution is the norm – which is nearly every country in the world  – violence and mind manipulation is the way prostituted women and girls are controlled.

Brothels locked in prostitutes in every country – whether in the back streets of Mumbai, the deserts of Nevada, the tourist trap of Amsterdam, the army brothels in Iraq or in every English city.

In every country – prostitutes are supplied to men to be beaten, to have all violent sexual acts done to them, to be living porn, to be fucked in any racist stereotype the punter has, to have easy access to non-guilt child rape.

This violence and hate is everywhere – so as you read this know that in your country, properly nearby you – a prostitute is getting sadistically raped, a prostitute is getting forced to make hard-core porn, there are prostituted under-aged girls being brought and sold, there is a constant supply through both internal and external trafficking.

In my city, which is only medium size – I know without really trying, there is tons of racism in the prostitution, with supply of “Asian Babes”, flow of Eastern European women and girls who can be tortured .

In my city, internal trafficking is common and mostly invisible. The girls that are trafficked are made out to be trouble, so can be made invisible, or that they choose to be prostituted out.

In my city, I walk pass saunas and brothels, knowing inside there is violence, there is rapes on a mass scale, there is stealing of wages, there is bashings –  all firmly behind closed doors, so no-one cares.

Why care, when it is happening to goods.

Yes goods, never workers.

You may call them workers, but as you use that language you are participating in saying that all that violence is of no importance.

Call it sex work – and you are part of the problem, not an assistance to giving back prostituted women and girls safety and dignity.

Call it sex work – and you are saying that prostituted women and girls are sub-humans or maybe you see them just as a sexual robot.

For you are saying that pain is of no importance, that it cannot matter for whores don’t feel pain like real women and girls. So in this sick logic, it not rape just supplying extras, it not hard-core porn just acting, not sadistic sex just a kinky party.

After all to call it rape or violence, would deny that the customer can use his goods as he wants. The customer is always right.

Call it sex work, and I will feel free to call you a traitor and betrayer of all prostituted women and girls.

What else can I call someone who leave millions of prostituted women and girls to the mind control of the sex trade, to living in an environment where rape is so normal it cannot be felt or known, where hell is so embedded in the prostitute’s mind and body – that all that is left to her is believe it the only purpose of her life, and so she must have chosen to be prostituted.

Then the prostitute may call it sex work – but only because she has no other language left.

Sex work is a forced language that keeps the prostitute controllable.

It is used to make her believe she has some small amount of power, used if she cannot know when or how that she must have chosen to be a whore, used to say that is different from the victim-whores.

It is the propaganda of the sex trade to keep their goods quiet and easier to manipulate.

After all a good slave doesn’t question their conditions and environment – just lives moment by moment, and grabs hold of the small moments of peace or joy.

For the vast majority of prostituted women and girls  – it is not work, when too many are in conditions of slavery or forced labour.

You are dreaming if you think prostitution is fun and easy money.

You be an escort, and not know whether the punter, the stranger, who has brought you will rape you, will beat you up, will pass around his mates as a laugh.

You be in a sauna – and know you only make a living wage by supplying extras – get used to anal, get used to constant blow-jobs, get used to your body just being parts of his porn-fuelled head.

Then reminds yourself this is meant to be fun.

That is not work.

So get the expression “sex work” out of your vocabulary – if you are serious about giving back prostituted women and girls dignity – and giving them back the right to be full humans.


One response to “Not Work, But Goods

  1. “Sex work is a forced language that keeps the prostitute controllable.” Great line, Rebecca. The focus on how ridiculous the term “sex work” is when the “worker” is actually the “product” –the goods–as you put it, is spot on. As a friend many moons ago put it, a prostitute can’t be compared to a MacDonald’s worker because a prostitute is also the burger. I appreciate your work!


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