It Does Exist

Internal sex trafficking may be well hidden, but it does exist.

Violence to escorts may not get spoken about – but it does exist.

Prostituted women who are not addicted, but are still treated as goods – they do exist.

Women and girls who think the only love they can get, is love in through the small moments of non-violence in the sex trade – they do exist.

Prostituted women and girls who are locked up – they do exist.

Women and girls are inside the sex trade and have no access to the language of the location they are in – they exist.

To say they don’t exist, is to wilfully not see the reality of the sex trade.

Profiteers of the sex trade will be outrageously rich – that does exist.

To be rich in the sex trade, you must have a constant flow of women and girls that always fuckable, and the rest are destroyed and thrown away – those profiteers do exist.

To be a good profiteer, you must turn those women and girls into goods, beat them, rape them, get many men to sexually torture, close them from the outside and constantly tell the goods it their choice to be there – this violence and brainwashing does exist.

A profiteer learns quickly that put the sex trade indoors means society won’t care what happens behind closed doors – that indifference does exist.

That indifference is destroying and killing women and girls inside the sex trade every moment of every day – their tortures, mental damages and deaths do exist.

The punters that buy women and girls just to beat them up, just to use verbal violence to grind her into the ground, just to rape without consequences, just to do sexual torture like the porn they have consume – they do exist.

These punters will destroy in any location, will attack any whore even if she is sold as high-class or not – these men do exist.

The punters who “just talk” often talk to confuse, to get into her small places of privacy, to speak of violence porn and then say only joking, they talk planting seeds of hate, and sending terror into the room – those men do exist.

It rare that is no violence, no mental torture, no fear of death in the room – that is the existence of women and girls inside the sex trade.

If you choose to say these just bad experiences, just women and girls who didn’t understand the rules of the sex trade, that maybe it was just bad apples – then you not only kidding yourself – but you are part of making millions of women and girls inside the sex trade losing existence as full human.

In your wilful ignorance of their hells – you are becoming part of the problem – it does exist that exited women can have great fury at your abandonment, while you search desperately to prove that most inside the sex trade must be happy.

It a human rights issue, it is an issue of long-term torture, it is an issue of wiping out of millions of women and girls, it is industrialised sexual violence, it is deeply racist, it will effect every woman and girl who is vulnerable enough, it is a global issue – that is the existence of the real sex trade, not some pretty woman fantasy you may have.

It is hell on earth – it does exist.

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