Blood in the Room

This post is a reaching back to the blood and guts of being inside indoors prostitution. It is written in response to the continual white noise of how much safer it is to be prostituted indoors.

It is never safe enough to be prostituted in any location, in any culture and in any century.

To be a prostitute is to be a sex slave – and however prettied that is made, however much money is thrown at it – a slave can never be safe.

To be a sex slave is to be only to holes and hands.

To be a sex slave is to be always open to all men.

To be a sex slave is to know you are not human, and will be thrown away.

That is true for the vast, vast majority of prostituted women and girls whatever location they are placed into.

The reason we know it is unsafe on the streets is because it is visible, often it is in your face.

You see that women and girls look dead inside, acting hard to survive.

You see that many are coping by taking drugs or drink.

You see many are far too young.

You see many are not white, not English.

You see many look beaten.

You see and think the solution is to clear all this away and place it indoors – then it will safe.

How can you be so naive.

All the problems of the street are in indoors prostitution – only shut behind firmly closed doors.

There is internal and external trafficking indoors, there are drugs on tap indoors, there are many under-aged girls indoors, violence is the norm indoors – there is no safe space for the prostituted woman or girls – only small moments of less violence, a tiny space without degradation.

Think carefully about what it is to do indoors prostitution.

Do not think of TV dramas, do not read your liberal newspapers saying it is sex work, do not read novels about happy hookers.

Open you minds and hearts to the blood and guts that is indoors prostitution.

Know the idea of indoors prostitution is shut the prostitute away from any contact with the world that is not the sex trade.

Know indoors prostitution  is being shut away with men or a man who can do any sexual act to you, can be as sadistic as he wants, can do as many mind games as he can imagined.

Know any safety precautions in indoors prostitution is not for the safety of the prostitute – but so the punter is secure, and so the manager/pimp can make a show of caring about their goods.

Know that if there is a police raid, more often than not there is prior warning – so all the beaten prostitutes, all the drugged-up prostitutes, all the trafficked prostitutes, all the under-aged prostitutes can be cleared out – and it will be a legitimate business then.

That’s sounds safe, doesn’t it.

Now I place you in the room.

Don’t look away, it not that bad for you – less you were there, you can never know the deadness it took to be in that room.

That room can be a flat, can a hotel, can be the office of a pub, can a side room in a club – that room is whatever profiteer and punter think is a good fucking spot.

Lets talk about the flat/hotel where the whore is sold as an escort/as girlfriend experience.

The room that is meant to posh and safe – where the prostitute is meant to be respected – where she is meant to have some control.

In fiction – this is the land of Belle du Jour and Pretty Woman.

In fiction – the escort is manipulative and loves controlling the sex.

In fiction – any violence is controlled and selected before by some menu or such like.

That is just porn-dreams sold by the sex trade – it is nothing to do with the lonely terror of being an escort.

I will place inside some hotel room ,with some man – or with queues of men – and leave you there.

Sure the surroundings are nice, even posh – but you will not be using them, unless the punter lets you.

Most punter want you to be clean – coz it well-known that all whores are dirty – so you will get that private space to wash yourself. My advice is to try to make that last a bit longer than normal.

Use that time to go dead inside, use it to put a smile on your face, use it to be a robot who will boost his ego on command.

You not have any more space for yourself – so make the best of it.

Remember that to survive being that room, you must make the man or men into gods.

You must be porn sexy at all times.

You must speak only if it is really necessary – which in most cases means don’t speak although.

If you do speak – speak nothing about yourself, only that you love your job, that you have always been kinky.

Do allow grief or that you feel that you are betraying yourself get in the way. For christ’s sake never look vulnerable, it will only give the punter’s pleasure – and may get you sent to even more violent men.

Do you still think indoors prostitution is ok.

I suppose you may think it is just sex – just maybe blow-jobs and vaginal penetration.

Well yes it is those, but relentlessly and without much care of whether you are ready or not, without any care if you in pain or not, whether you are scared or not.

Too much reckless penetration is some of the blood in the room.

Blow-jobs done to choke and bring out sick – leave some guts in the room.

But it is never sex – it is always just whatever porn fantasy the punter wants to re-enact on a living body.

The blood and guts are because your body is forced to do sexual that should never be done to any human – but is acceptable when done to a whore.

Penetration can be penis and fists, can be many men going in all your holes, can be double or treble penetration.

Anal penetration has to accepted as your norm – its what whores were made for.

You must not be scared of being tied up – or punters bringing any object to force into you.

Do not question if as they fuck you, they will beating you up as well or after or before. It only a game really.

Do not imagine anyone will help if you scream.

That is the norm of indoors – not as the sex trade propaganda will say the extreme end or some bad apples.

Violence is the norm – having the occasional moments of just ordinary sex is rare.

Do you still think indoors prostitution is some solution.

The only solution is make that no man can buy and sell a prostitution in any location, in any culture, for any excuse.

It must be made a serious criminal act to buy and sell the prostituted.

Of course, we must also decriminalised the prostituted – for they have no rights to be safe, no rights to have a voice – they are the victims, never the criminal.

But there must be holistic exiting projects for all prostituted women and girls, not just those on the streets. We must prove that we can get out of the sex trade on a permanent basis,  that we can will give them back their humanity and dignity.

That is the true hope.

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