I Hate Goddess Worship

Goddess worshipping is made out to be feminist – usually it so isn’t.

No, it is normally the complete opposite.

Think how many of the so-called goddesses were temple-whores, women whose purpose was to continually fertile for men, were slaves made into prostitutes.

That is pushed aside in the goddess worshipping – and the myth is created that they were powerful women-centric women who may have been of whores – but hell, they were in control and happy.

Bullshit – dream on.

It helps that most goddesses have been dead for many thousands of years – then it is easy to put the happy hooker stereotype onto them. They cannot have a voice to answer you back.

You women who give yourselves goddesses’ name and fuck a few trusted men for money – you think you know what it is to be a whore.

You who have clay models of fertile women from many cultures you think you know and understand those peoples – but just collect like a Victorian lady collected butterflies.

You who think being a temple-whore had dignity and pride – ignoring it was non-stop rapes, high mortality and slavery.

Damn you all for creating out of their hell your detached views of the sex trade.

Men created goddesses to excuse their crimes.

Men created that some whores must be happy – this was the foundations of creating a goddess.

If he can have constant access to fuck a woman or girl – and do whatever you like – and it must not be named sexual violence.

Named her as a goddess – then she is the ultimate sub-human. Make that this goddess is always sexually available, that she will do any and every sexual act and never feel pain or get tired, that all men can enter her.

Make that this goddess is not one woman but thousands of young-looking women – say that she is ageless – don’t sow the constant throwing away of old-looking or disease ridden ex-goddesses.

These goddesses were slaves, they were temple-whores, they were courtesans, they were concubines – they had no power outside of what the men give them.

They had no opportunity to be full humans – but some feminists worship them.

Well, if you make the choice to worship the goddess, you make the choice to keep those women and girls as sub-humans.

See them as women and girls living inside a system that was destroying them, see them as women and girls who had to love sexual, mental and physical torture, see them as women and girls who were ripped from everything that was familiar and they may have loved.

See that – see the human, not the goddess.

See their amazing strength to survive the thousands of men using their bodies, see the scrapes of records of their pain and grief, see how many were murdered or just disappeared from any record that they ever existed as full human.

See they are humans – don’t fall back into supernatural escapes.

Don’t look at temple-whores, courtesans, concubines with the eyes of watching too much Zena.

Their pain, grief and terror was the same as any prostituted woman and girl living today.

Fuck your goddess worshipping.

10 responses to “I Hate Goddess Worship

  1. I am an atheist too Rebecca but I have a slight reversence for the goddess. I think the Temple Whore is the root of patriarchy and has been used as a weapon against women ever since. Many goddesses were really just creations of men’s power but not all goddesses were and are. Some of the stories from ancient history are really interesting such as Medusa who was a beautiful woman raped by Zeus in Athena’s temple but Anthena cursed the beautiful woman for disgracing her temple and made her so no man could never look at her again!

    Some of goddess worship was about putting women in their place as opposed to revering women however I think the goddess was framed! So I am going to stasnd up for her.


  2. Maybe the goddess was framed – but then I don’t believe goddesses.

    A more serious point, this post is very much about human strength and endurance – which is more powerful than any religious/spiritual/supernatural belief system.
    Gods and goddesses were invented when humans were afraid of our own capabilities or are ability to do terrible and horrific stuff to other humans.

    This post is dedicated to all the whores of too many centuries were allowed to massed raped, sexually tortured and murdered – and then had their truths made invisible by the men that abused them, doing the final insult by saying they were goddesses therefore inventing the myth of the happy hooker.

    That type of goddess was a major building brick of patriarchy – for it meant men invented a class of women and girls who not enjoy for all the tortures forced into them – but but saying they were goddesses were responsible for men being so violent.


  3. I remember seeing one pro-exploitation group, headed by a man, going on and on about how Ishtar was their inspiration because of a doubtful English translation of Sumerian (I think) which has her saying in a poem ‘Prostitute am I’. For fuck’s sake do your homework, and actually find out about Sumerian religion instead of projecting your support of woman-abuse onto it. And people lap this stuff up! It enrages me, because it is so cynically exploited by pro-pornstitution idiots with google and ‘the dummies guide to the ancient Sumerians’.

    Do your fucking homework before you start using historical parallels. I really fucking hate people talking about history when they know fuck-all about it.

    Yes, it’s a personal gripe with me… the same as when idiots go on about ancient Greek courtesans as if they knew a damn thing. It’s called research, morons



  4. I guess what I mean is that ancient goddesses and ancient history can be exploited by pro-rape industry people to give them the veneer of legitimacy. The more they point to some dreamed-up image of Ishtar (without knowing shit about Sumer or Mesopotamia) or Aspasia (without knowing shit about ancinet Athens or Miletos), the more they draw attention away from the abuses of prostitution that go on NOW. Much better to fantasize about Aspasia’s willingness and beauty than listen for her screams.


  5. *Laurelin’s above rants do not apply to those worshipping the feminine divine today in a non-cynical, non-history-abusing way.*


  6. I was more writing about how goddess worship is used as an excuse to torture women and children. This is a common practice of much of so-called goddess worship.

    If you call a woman or girl a goddess, you make her sub-human – and if add on top that she has supernatural powers – then you create the ideal whore.
    These supernatural powers will be very convenient to punter and profiteers of the sex trade. The power not to feel pain like real women and girls, and not to ever be degraded. That is given the added bonus, that being a goddess-whore she will have power over the men – so any violence is her fault or coz she is sex-crazed.

    The goddess myth is used for many centuries – it re-brands prostituted women and girls into temple whores, concubines, courtesans, high-class hookers and expensive escorts.
    If the give themselves or have force onto them a goddess name – then all male violence is made unimportant.

    This is why I little time for goddess worship – even though I know if taken away from that, it may help other women spirituality.

    What also anger me is that the goddess worshipping makes prostituted women and girls even more sub-human.
    Instead of seeing the goddess – see the human who had to endure torture and more than likely an early death. See her strength, see her ability to find a private space for herself, see her fierce will to live. See her as a human, not a goddess – that is something to celebrate the amazing human spirit.


  7. I think it is a problem of how ‘goddess worship’ is used: by whom, for whom, and for which ends, if that makes sense. Sincere worship of a goddess/ feminine divine is very different from the ignorant (or wilfully ignorant) exploitation of history to uphold pornstitution.


  8. My first reaction was sadness at seeing Goddesses ripped apart by men, invented by them to do just that: a patriarchal dream for them.

    However, I know, like other women have pointed out, that Divine Goddess worship done by females without males even entering the picture, is truly Divine.

    There is one Goddess who I consider a template for my life. That’s Diana. I happily have her namesake and will happily carry on with my female companions, forever shunning males.

    I’m very interested in reading the Swedish feminist authoress Eva Lundgren. She has some good books about patriarchy and the invention of a godhead. I hope to one day get my hands on them.


  9. I am an atheist, so find it hard to understand why women who don’t believe in gods, think there may be goddesses. I think all the Greek goddesses are male fantasies, including Diana.


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