Pretend Girlfriend

“I want my prostitute not to behave like one. I want them to role play to be a pretend girlfriend. To a third person it looks like we’re in love – but it is a casual hook-up. I want to chat about lots of things, what I like in life, what my friends are and not money. She should enjoy her business. I actually want her to be genuinely attracted to me. I feel sorry for these girls – but this is what I want.”

Anonymous London punter.

I did girlfriend experience for long enough for this quote to make me sick to the bone.

This sums up the arrogance of those punters that I had to endured.

May I say before I start, I have deep hatred for those punters.

I hate that they think they were the nice guys, many would hate that I have categorise them as punters – for they would consider themselves to be gentlemen who just happened to be paying for sex or to have a companion.

I hate that they had to believed I was happy, was having a great time, was just the type of girl who was always up for it.

I hate the arrogance that needs the whore to act as if she is deeply in love with him. God, can’t even remember their faces, so no love loss there.

Being girlfriend material is hell – but punters want the whore to smile, to remember every detail of his boring life, to be known by the people he introduces her to.

He wants her to dress fancy, to drink but never get drunk, to maybe be in cozy pubs so he looks like he has a normal girlfriend.

Being girlfriend material is having no space to breathe without the punter controlling your air supply.

Being girlfriend material is always to remember you are just a whore.

You may go to the posh does – but all the time, the punter can and will remind you are scum by feeling you up, laughing that you may be seen. If he decides you are fitting too well, he can always fuck you in the toilet or behind the building.

You may eat in great restaurants – but you eat what he orders, you have his foot in your cunt.

You may be in the smartest of hotels – but behind closed doors he reminds that you are owned by him – sexual torture is a norm for a sexual slave. Any mess of blood, sweat and sperm will be tidied away – those hotels are paid to not care.

Being girlfriend material is always made romantic and into the good side of the sex trade.

That is crap.

Men who can afford to buy a pretend girlfriend – will have enough money to own her totally and usually for a long period of time.

He will enough money to get the power to be locked away with her in total privacy – money will buy that all rules of treating her as a full human are thrown out the window.

Rich men of all cultures and backgrounds will only buy whores to own her body, mind and soul – no quick fuck for them, that’s what the real punters do.

Rich punters enjoy torturing whores, it is a wonderful game for them.

The best part of the game is to send her into hell, then demand that she will say that she had a great time, and say how amazing he was.

He would not get that from a normal girlfriend – but money makes him into a god.

I hate them all.

That’s all that can be said.

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