Frustration Will Blow My Head Off

Since I wrote my post about being unable to live in a world that always lessens what the sex trade is – my frustration has not go smaller.

No, it has come out screaming into the world. It was that I only half-saw the depths of the myths and stereotypes that poison any progress to seeing the impact of the sex trade.

Last night, I watch on TV a vampire coming out screaming with rage after being buried alive. I watched this ridiculous scene, and thought that is how I am feeling.

I have been buried under the nice images of strippers, whores and escorts in most of the media.

I have been buried as others called my past sex work, it must have been a choice or why didn’t you just leave.

I have been buried as any violence that most prostituted women and girls have known is dismissed and transformed in harm-free entertainment.

Now, I am screaming for oxygen.

Now, I will use that I cannot forgot to force others to know what they want to throw away.

Now, I am not dead, not driven into insanity – not some man’s sex slave any more – now, I am blowing out my brains to get the sex trade seen as the destroyer and mass violator of human rights that it is.

I will not even entertain that any aspect of the sex trade can be named as work.

I will not have that mass rape, turning women and girls into nothing but fuck-goods, making that prostituted class have no rights to say no to male violence and or degradation – I will never call that work.

If you call that work – then be prepared to thoroughly do some of the aspects of the sex trade, that you lessen into sex work.

Be inside the making of a hard-core porn shoot. Know every hole however small will not only get fucked, till pain disappears because it is your norm – but to get the right angle and good lighting it is repeated over and over and over.

Be an escort – alone in a room with strangers who have paid for the privilege to do whatever they want to your mind and body. Dream on if you think the profiteers of escorting give a damn about your mental and physical safety – or even notice that rape is your norm.

Be an independent prostitute – like that means punters will not beat you up, will never even think of doing sadistic sex to you. The average punter could not care less whether you are independent or not – he just has brought a fuck-object, he does not even notice that you are human.

The sex trade can never be made safe or will allow that prostituted women and girls have full humans rights – not when it founded on providing men with women and girls that are there just to fuck, to torture, to brainwash, to be a class that is stripped of the right to have emotions.

Even if not every single man who consume the sex trade will use violence, and will think that he is different because by heck he respects whores.

His respect creates wonderful myths.

Men wants the prostituted to look happy – even when they know it was fake, punters want to watch porn where women are tortured but smiling or having multiple orgasms. Know it is fake, as they fuck their prostitute wanting to say how special he, like no other man had ever been there.

The smile of the prostituted is a death-mask – but punters and consumers say each time it is proof that all whores just love sex, especially sex that real women would be disgusted by.

And you wonder why I am screaming with frustration.

I scream and scream that always the prostituted have to be censored how they speak of what they know of male violence and hate. We tone down our realities in order that the liberal and the left can say it not so bad really.

But these are people who founded Amnesty International, built shelters for battered women, will campaign against mass rapes in wars, look straight in the eye at animal torture, and on and on and on.

But in their desperation to believe that the sex trade is just slightly bad – usually when it  is not regulated – all the voices of the prostituted who witness and had to live with extreme violence and hate, is spoken over and silenced.

The sex trade has no nice side – how can when it is built on torture and making the prostituted class into throwaway people.

How can anyone be nice about the mental torturing that is the building bricks of the sex trade.

The mental torture of living with the threats that for punishment you be moved into more extreme violence – this threat can be real or just a sick game.

The mental torture of having language that places you into the role of being nothing but fuck-holes for any and all men.

The mental torture of having all the world outside of the sex trade closed away from you.

How can anyone be nice about the physical torturing that is the norm in the sex trade.

It is normal to be beaten up, to be thrown into walls, thrown out of cars, to be attack for any or no reason. That is just part of your role.

It is so normal that you numbed all pain, often placing yourself in more danger by being so dead.

Physical torture is done to the prostituted so the men can know they have a safe place to hate all women without messy consequences.

And, how can anyone be nice about the sexual torturing that is what all men who consume the sex trade are paying for.

Sexual torturing that is so bad, that just to be raped by one penis in the vagina is almost a relief.

Sexual torturing so bad that even as it happening to your body, your mind is refusing that any human can do it or even imagine doing such hellish sexual actions.

Sexual torturing so horrific that even after many years it still inside the body as trauma – a shadow that increases the rage that any human could do that.

How can anyone want to prettied the sex trade – god damned you if you do.

Expect my brain to blow up when you do.


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