One way that those who support the sex trade is to claim that some women are or were unsuitable for the work.

This is meant to cut to the bone, is meant to shut survivors up – is meant to say the sex trade is just normal, so what the hell is the fuss about.

Well, I hope that most women and girls are unsuitable for the sex trade.

Most of this mental bullying comes when survivors speak out against indoors prostitution, especially escorting, and when they speak out against being inside porn.

This is because when we speak out, we remember the violence and degradation, we know that is the norm of indoors prostitution and porn.

As I write, women and girls throughout the world are getting destroyed inside indoors prostitution and porn – maybe they are just all unsuitable for the work.

Lets look at what it is to be suitable.

It is said to me that in indoors prostitution, a suitable whore can choose the men who fuck her, can even choose that men do not have sex with her, just pay for the company.

I have been told that porn is only pretend violence, or if real it is because the actress enjoys it.

I been told indoors is safe for managers are so caring for their girls, and would not allow them to be treated as objects or with disrespect.

It is said to me that any violence only happens coz the porn or indoors prostitution is the outlawed stuff, and with regulation everything will be fine.

Oh, of course it so much safer than being on the streets.

This is all bullshit, but it is comforting bullshit.

Whilst men can buy and sell women and girls as fuckable goods – the location is of no importance – for male violence is made acceptable in all aspects of the sex trade.

There is nowhere safe for the prostituted class – only some moments that are less violent, less degrading.

But always remember all the prostituted are property – all have the category of the slave in the porn-heads of the profiteers and users of the sex trade.

If you only see those small moments of relative good treatment of the fuck-goods – and ignore the bigger picture that the sex trade will and does torture and destroy the human rights of the vast majority of women and girls inside the sex trade. Then you will believe in the myth of unsuitability.

Well, most women and girls fear rape.

But in the world of the sex trade, the same women and girls are meant to put up with rape often on an industrialised scale, or happening so often that all feelings go.

It will made ok, for it will never be named as rape. Call it kinky extras, call it acting out porn, call it being a whore-slave, call it just a game or simply say it what the customer paid for.

It is a known fact, that you can’t rape a whore, that is no rapes in porn it is just acting – isn’t saying it is rape a withdrawal of the services that the consumer demands.

Of course, nearly every moment of every day a prostitute, an escort, a porn actress, a woman in a sauna, a women or girl brought through the net, a lap dancer and many other in the sex trade – are being raped in every country in the world, but it is made of no importance.

I suppose all those women and girls were unsuitable.

But rape is just the tip of the iceberg.

Mostly inside the sex trade, it is continual sexual, physical and mental torturing.

There is the mental torturing of moving women and girls around from one type of violence and hate to another type of violence of hate.

The sexual torturing of allowing men to buy the woman or girl as their personal porn playground. To make every part of her body into a war-zone. She is nothing but holes and parts of bodies to shoved about.

She may as well be dead for all the users and profiteers of the sex trade care.

All this physical torturing is the norm, the only way to survive it is to murdered all feeling and to be the living dead.

Are women and girls that numbed themselves from porn and or prostitution just unsuitable for the work.

Or they just fighting for their lives and sanity.





2 responses to “Unsuitable

  1. Prostitution is unsuitable for all living beings.

    Defending prostitution is unsuitable for all living beings with souls.


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