Not Real

One way I find prostitution is made invisible is to make a great many prostituted women and girls into not “real” prostitutes.

This happens to the vast majority of the women working indoors, especially if they doing what society chooses to frame as high-class prostitution.

For much of the time I am attacked as not being real prostitute, and in this post I say one of the myths that are thrown at me.

I am continually told that because my background is English white upper-class that there is no way I was ever a prostituted.

That only poor women and girls, only non-White women and girls could be prostitutes.

I say all women and girls can get trapped inside the sex trade – but I also say that the sex trade will target the poor and non-White women and girls.

The sex trade targets any women and girls that it decides are vulnerable and easy to control.

It targets women and girls who have had multiple abuse, it targets women and girls that are homeless or runaways or migrants, it targets women and girls that have never had real love in their lives, it targets students in debt, it targets women and girls inside institutions, it targets media aimed at all women and girls – the sex trade is always on the prowl for more goods.

It wants women and girls from all backgrounds to fit every porn fantasy that the consumers of the sex trade have.

One is destroying mentally, physically and sexually a posh whore. I often was forced into that market.

Although I pretty articulate about my past – I still am almost speechless and unable to write what some of those punters did to me to push into the dirt for being able to speak a whole sentence, for being able to read and for daring to have my own money.

All I will say, is that I can so articulate now about prostitution is not only my triumph – it is also revenge.

I not only survived, but I am telling the world about the sadism that so much of the sex trade is built on.

I speak not just for me – but I speak for a great many other women who were made to feel they were not real prostitutes, were not real survivors of the sex trade – that they too posh for that.

I will not their degradation go unremembered, I will not allow the male hate and violence towards go unrecorded.

To be against the sex trade, you must count each and every women and girl who been destroyed or managed to survive. Not pick and choose – which just give excuses for violence and degradation to continue.

Don’t play the game of the sex trade – they want you divide, so they can rule.

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