20 Reasons to Scream

1. That it is acceptable to buy and sell women and girls just because they are labelled as the prostituted class.

2. That so many decide that this will be ok if it is labelled as sex work.

3. That most that called it work – think they there is mutual sex inside the sex trade. Ignoring that the prostituted class are considered goods and therefore sub-humans.

4. If you are goods, then it become acceptable to be sexually tortured – for that is your role in life.

5. That the prostituted class are viewed as holes to be fucked and hands to wank men off.

6. That is viewed as sex, and therefore all the prostituted must be sex-crazed.

7. That there is always such a desperate search to find women who really happy inside the sex trade.

8. That to find those women, there is no interest in her past, or influences in her life, or the outside forces forming her life – only a small moment when they see her and decide she is happy.

9. That whenever trafficking is mention, it is so rare that internal trafficking is on the agenda.

10. That there so many crocodile tears for under-aged girls in the sex trade – but very little concern when others decide they are adults, and therefore must be happy in their work.

11. I scream until that head falls off, that indoors prostitution is not safe.

12. That it is ignored that most women and girls that are murdered are killed indoors, in flats, in houses, in film studios, in hotels, in saunas etc. Whether there were street-based prostituted women and girls, escorts, brought on the net, working in sex clubs – men like privacy of indoors when they murdered the prostituted class.

13. That most so-called security for indoors prostitution is not about the safety of the prostituted women and girls – it is for the johns and profiteers.

14. Security is often a joke, for alarms is switch on, can only used after the rape or assault. Bodyguards are for show, and to get the john out when his money has run out. Cameras are just cheap porn show.

15. There is always a demand that women and girls have regular health checks – never the men that will be carrying STDs.

16. That a major reason to make prostitution legal and regulated, is so governments get more taxes.

17. That it is not rocket science that if men were made criminals and given serious punishment for profiteering or consuming the sex trade – that would be a brilliant start to giving back the prostituted class dignity and full human status.

18. That I hear endlessly how the sex trade has always with us – so why bother even trying to abolish it. I try because I cannot live knowing millions of women and girls are being sexually tortured as you read this.

19. That there so few specialised places for exited women to express their pain, grief and fury. This just leads to impacted trauma.

20. That I live in a world where every second of every day women and girls are being moulded into fuck-goods, and most pass it by as just how things are.


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