Red Herrings

There are many things said about the sex trade, and most of them are red herrings to distract from the violence that men do to women and girls inside the trade.

I have read and heard so much, so much that turns my stomach, that it gives me bitter laughter, that it makes me silent with despair – I cannot go on annoying these lies and distractions.

One I love because it causes so much harm is the classic – porn and prostitution are needed because it decreases sexual violence to women and girls.

When I have stopped having bile in my throat – I will say why that is not just nonsense, but a huge distraction from the realities of the sex trade.

What is meant by stopping or decreasing sexual violence to women and girls in this context.

Oh, it must that idea that women and girls outside the sex trade are the real women and girls – that they are innocent, that they must be protected, that they may be respected.

It does not means that men will decrease sexual violence just avoid doing it to real women and girls. Why should they when there is a whole class of women and girls inside the sex trade, they can do any amount or style of sexual violence they can imagine to.

This class can be raped, can be sexually tortured, can be forced into hard-core porn – it will never matter, for they are not real humans, just fuck-toys to be used until they are thrown away.

In that environment, all sexual violence is made invisible – and if seen made that it was just entertainment or something illegal.

In that environment – the prostituted class are just collateral damage.

This red herring must be destroyed, for it give the sex trade permission to rape, sexually and murdered the women and girls in the sex trade on a mass scale – then say it some kind of a public service for they preventing that violence going into the real world.

If you make the choice to believe that rubbish – then you have the blood of many women and girls in the sex trade on your hands.

Another red herring is the old one – put prostitution indoors and regulate it, then everything will be fine and dandy.

No it won’t – it will just out of your sight, so then you can breathe easy and not think about it.

In what universe are most women and girls safer indoors – doesn’t battering get named as domestic violence coz it is indoors, isn’t date rape mainly indoors, isn’t the vast majority of child abuse indoors.

So why would prostituted women and girls be so damned safe indoors.

Especially, when many of the bastards that pay for the privilege of indoors prostitution are wanting total privacy, want more time with the prostitute, feel the entitlement to own her body, mind and soul – tell how the hell that is so safe or even can be made safer.

I tell you true terror is being shut in a small room with streams of men who have the right to use you in any porn fashion they can dream of.

True terror is having some rich man buy you. to keep you for several days, months as his sexual slave.

True terror is being inside a club or brothel, being raped, being used as a porn-toy – and knowing no-one cares about your injuries, that you get STDs, your crying for even a tiny piece of help – all that matter is that you made into a machine to be fucked and to get money from.

So what’s so great about indoors prostitution for the prostituted – I can see it is fabulous for johns and profiteers –  but don’t make me laugh, by lying that it will ever be made safe.

Another red herring is that prostitution and porn would be fine if we just got rid of the men who are bad apples.

The porn producers who only make highly sadistic women-hating porn, the johns who regularly beat up and are sexually sadistic to the prostituted, the pimps who go under-aged girls and brainwashed into porn or prostitution, the managers of sex clubs who prostituted out their girls, the brothel owners who don’t care about trafficked or under-aged prostituted in their building, the ads selling women and girls who are highly vulnerable, trafficked or under-aged, the porn and prostitution that is marketed on racism, women-hating and every other ways of men spreading their hate – boy, the list of the bad apples is bloody endless. I’m sure there masses I have missed out on.

See the red herring here – it is to try and spot the good apples.

But, don’t bother, for the point is that the foundations of the sex trade is that it all about hated and the degradation of all women and girls in the sex trade – and the ones that decide to be decent, makes no impact on that foundation.

Do not look for the good apples, and think that let’s you off the hook.

See that the sex trade is rotten to the core – that every second of every day, the sex trade is destroying women and girls in the thousands, hell on a world-wide scale in the millions.

So, the few good apples are a distraction from genocide.

I think I have enough for now – I hope this makes you fight harder.

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