Merry Christmas Everyone

Merry Christmas to everyone who supports this blog. I cannot say how much your support means to me.

This blog has very hard to keep going, especially as it makes my past solid, and I still those who back the sex trade treating me as sub-human. But knowing that those who I know and those I may never meet, are backing my every step in this blog.

This give me courage and a fierce determination to say my truths.

But more, it give the vision to see that my reality is just a tiny part of the constant torturing that is the sex trade.

At Christmas, I let my thought spread into seeing the whole picture – I see the past, present and future as one piece.

I see that the sex trade has always made a class of women and girls that they brainwash into thinking their role is to be porn-toys to be brought and sold.

That is not new, that has the purpose of the sex trade throughout many centuries – all that changes is the technology and the size of the market.

At Christmas, the biggest present that you give all women and girls in the sex trade is dream and fight for a world where there is no demand for them to be turn into porn-toys.

No market for street prostitutes, no market for lap-dancers, no market for porn, no market for phone sex, no market for sex tourism, no market for brothels, no market for under-aged prostitutes, no market for prostitution providing sadistic sexual practices – god, the present would to that no woman and girl is ever just marketable fuckable goods.

That is my prefect Christmas future.

So, carry on supporting my blog and read other exited women’s writings.

But fight to make real change.

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