What I Want For Christmas

Christmas can be non-existent for too many women and girls in the sex trade.

I want them to be remembered, and for in that remembrance to build a future where the sex trade is destroyed.

I want that no man will even think that he can have a Christmas by finding porn on the computer. Instead, it will forced into him by society and all those who know him, to see he is watching the torture of a woman of girl.

He should be made to know that his wanking-time, is the destruction of that woman or girl. Maybe a jail sentence would wake him up.

I want that no man think it is acceptable to celebrate Christmas by going to a sex club. It is not harm-free, not with the groping, the degradation, the demand for paid sex, and the general hatred of the women performing there.

It is not a fun night out, not just bonding with the lads – it is treating women as sexual slave for some stupid form of entertainment.

I want that no man even think he can fuck a whore as his private and special Christmas present.

I don’t give a damn how he wraps it up – whether he go up and down the street looking for prostituted women and girls desperate enough to out at Christmas, whether he paid for a high-class escort and pretends in his porn-brain that he is doing her a favour – or whether he buys a whore over the Christmas holidays, and play out she is his obedient “girlfriend”.

Man, I dream that these men have their Christmas ruined by being thrown into jail. It is the less they deserved.

I want so much that the profiteers of the sex trade cannot not run business as usual.

That all clubs are not just closed for one night of the year – that they are shut down forever.

That no pimp can force women and girls onto the streets.

That all porn producers are arrested for torture and encouragement of sexual violence.

That all so-called managers of indoors prostitution have their profits stripped from them and are chucked into jail.

That saunas are closed down if they provide sexual services.

That all the invisible bastards who sell women and girls on the net are tracked down and seriously punished.

God, I can dream.

I do dream so hard.

That all men that do sexual tourism or profit from their sickness are rotting in jail.

That no prostituted woman or girl on any part of this world can disappeared, and no-one even bother to notice that they are gone.

Every single live of every prostituted woman and girl must count beyond all the stars in the sky – if we are to have any hope.

These are parts of my prayers for Christmas.

My major prayer is for those who care to keep fighting hard to give all prostituted women and girls their lives back.

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