Safer is Never Good Enough

Today, the man who murdered three prostituted women in Bradford has pleaded guilty.

And again on the news, is the line that those women would be safer in legalised indoors prostitution. Again my heart sinks.

Prostitution can never be made safe enough – only by abolition.

Being a prostitute, whatever the location, whatever label place is on you – is to put in the position that being murdered is considered a hazard.

There are many dangerous jobs – firemen, miners, police – but must are killed by accident, not murdered on a regular basis.

Prostituted women and girls are murdered so often that most of their deaths go unreported.

Prostituted women and girls are murdered so often that most cop shows and crimes films have for plot device the nameless dead whore.

Prostituted women and girls are murdered so often that computer games make a joke out of  killing the whore.

Prostituted women and girls are murdered so often that most forget they were ever human anyhow. They are just numbers.

That is what we want to make safer – maybe lessen the killings, but continue to ignore the everyday torture.

The concept that prostitution can be made safer if located indoors is a sickening thought.

It either comes from complete detachment or wanting to keep prostituted women and girls contained and controllable. It not about the reality of indoors prostitution.

Let think about a teenage girl outside the sex trade.

Say she is going slightly off the rails. She is drinking and trying out drugs, she is staying all night. She is sleeping with many men, usually not knowing their names or remembering their face. Some of those men are beating her, some are sexually abusing her.

She said she is happy and knows what she is doing.

But looking from the outside, those who love see she not eating well, she has terrible mood swings or may not give a shit about anything.

Would you take her word and let her carry doing as she wants – or would intervene, even shut in her room.

I know with girls outside the sex trade, there would be concern and even action.

But if the same behaviour is inside the sex trade – suddenly it is of little or no concern, it just seen as normal way for prostitutes to be.

Well, most of the indoors prostitution is the scenario of having to fuck strangers – strangers who owned you, and therefore have the right to do anything they want to your body and mind.

Where can there be safety in that.

No prostitution can be made safe when the foundations of all prostitution is the total ownership of the whore.

It not the location – whether on the street, in a car, in a flat, in a hotel room, behind a club – it is the men that creates the hate and violence.

It does not matter what label men put on the prostitute – street-worker, escort, lap-dancer, girlfriend-material, brothel worker – all will be bashed up, all will be sexually tortured and all can be murdered.

After all, the sex trade has built it business on hushing up all the violence. This is done by making out all the violence is just entertainment and fantasy.

That it cannot be real violence for the prostitute enjoy it – look she is smiling, look she keeps coming back for more – and no woman would be a prostitute unless she loved it.

That it cannot be real violence, for the sex trade does not allow sadistic johns in – it will throw them out or have a bad johns list.

That if there is violence, it only because it must be on the street or deregulated indoors prostitution – for the sex trade knows how to take care of it own business.

Now if you believe that, you would believe anything.

The sex trade thrives on getting sadistic johns, especially rich ones who used indoors prostitution mainly.

The sex trade is providing goods that these men can rape, can mentally abuse, can torture and may kill – without any prying eyes, without inconvenience of morals, with as time as they can afford, with the knowledge that the prostitute has no rights.

That is the reality of indoors prostitution. Tell me how you make that safer.

With that power-trip going on – all the so-called safety mechanisms are there just for show.

What’s the point of cameras, alarm bells and bodyguard, if it is decided that forced sex and bashing can re-branded as rough sex or s/m. When the profiteer is providing gang-rape and violent sex as extras.

What’s the point of condoms when as sadistic john refuses to put it on. When the prostitute can only earn a liveable amount of money if she does unsafe sex. When the vast majority of sadistic sex is not penetrating the vagina.

What’s the point of regular health checks when it the johns that bring in STDs.

All this so-called safety measures are for profiteers, for johns and for the gullible who want to keep the status quo, so don’t question too deeply.

It is never about the prostituted women and girls.

2 responses to “Safer is Never Good Enough

  1. Thank you for continuing to debunk the myth that putting prostitution behind a door makes it any safer or less violent.

    My roommate and I were reading websites last night where johns review their experiences with prostituted women. They are all sadistic, there’s not one of them that isn’t.


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