Dream Harder

I believe in abolition of the sex trade.

That is often call a dream, implying that it is impossible. I refuse to be so defeatist.

I refuse for I know the bodies are piling up of women and girls in the sex trade. I refuse for I know the constant destruction of trauma for the women lucky enough to exit.

I refuse because I want men to be real men and not buy any other human for their sexual wants. I refuse because I want to be in a society that any man who make the choice to use the sex trade is scorned and punished.

I refuse to allow the sex trade profiteers make women and girls into fuck-holes and disposable objects. I refuse to allow the quicker way for organised crime to make billions is constant supply of prostituted women and girls.

I am proud to fight for abolition, I know for much of time it must done in small steps, sometimes steps so tiny that they appear invisible. But I can and will dream of giant steps.

I dream of the day when it seen as laughable that we ever thought that men were entitled to a constant supply of the whore-class. There so he has a living porn-toy, so he can masturbate into a living object. There so he can pour in her agony and degrade her – but the good whore not only takes it, but boosts his ego too. I dream that I wake into a world that find that unimaginable.

I dream that we punish all men who make the choice to buy any aspect of the sex trade, and we junk their excuses.

We must make men accountable for buying. If we are to fined them, then make at least three times higher than they were paying for the woman or girl. But for me, fines ain’t good enough, for I believe men who make the choice to buy a woman or girl, don’t take fines seriously. I believe that the majority of men who use prostitutes are likely to rape, likely to batter, likely to play at killing her – and even when “gentle and decent” see her as sub-human and with no rights to say no – than they should go to jail for violence against women.

I want to live in a society that views johns as criminals – and stops believing their excuses and whining. See them as criminals, and give back prostituted women and girls their dignity and pride.

I dream that I live in a society that does not think so small that it thinks placing prostitution indoors is the answer.

Do not believe the propaganda that indoors prostitution is safer – anyhow what make you think that for the prostituted being “safer” is good enough. Prostitutes want to be safe from all rapes, safe from all beatings, safe from being owned, safe from brainwashing, safe from murder, safe from STDs, safe from unwanted pregnancy, safe from forced into porn, and utterly safe from male hate.

All that happens whatever the location – indoors or street-based – for it is the choice of the johns and the profiteers the amount of violence forced into the prostitute.

Indoors prostitution is often isolated, and with johns with too much money who can torture for hours, for days or for months.

It can never be safe – no panic button, no bodyguard, no camera – will or does prevent a sadistic john from raping, torturing or murdering a whore who is indoors.

Any how, in the real world of most of indoors prostitution, there is no protection for the managers make their profit by allowing rich sadistic bastards have free rein. Indoors prostitution is a quick and easy way for the profiteers to get rich – all they need is a constant supply of disposable fuck-goods, and the market that supply any and all porn-dreams the johns want with living bodies.

That is a brothel, that is a sex club, that is a sauna, that is high-class escorting, that so-called girlfriend experience, that is computer renting out of the prostituted, that the windows in Amsterdam, that’s what sex tourists seek, that is peep-shows and on and on and on.

Dream bigger – make all prostituted women and girls free – stop dividing them into good victim-type prostitutes and bad “empowered” whores. Grow up and see there is no safety for any woman or girl who men choose to buy and sell.

I dream that the profiteers of the prostitution are inside jails long-term, minimum of ten years. Why has that becomes so unthinkable.

The profiteers have lorded it whilst women and girls are raped in the hundreds or thousands, have lorded it whilst sexual torturing become her norm, have lorded it whilst their good are murdered, commit suicide or loses sanity. So why not chuck them into jail.

Dream harder that when we view porn we see the pain, the terror and the deep grief etched into the faces of the women and girls trapped inside the porn image. See that and say no more.

No more saying there is no harm done in porn – not whilst porn actresses are raped, are tortured, are killed, are driven to suicide, only cope by getting addicted to drugs or alcohol, are living with internal injuries and or STDs, survive by complete detachment from their body.

I want to never hear, see or read again that porn prevent rape. Go to hell with that – so the women inside porn are not full humans, that it what you saying when you discount their constant raping.

I dream that the producers of hard-core porn are throw away to jail with long sentences.

They have laughed at the endless rapes that are their cash cows, laughed as they invent more and more ways to sexually torture and degrade women and girls, laughed as their goods become addicted, commit suicide or get murdered, laugh away the sexual diseases and internal injuries – they laugh as they count their money.

Well, I dream of stopping that laughter as they rot in jail.

I dream that women and girls will exit the sex trade and will given specialise help to re-build their lives.

I dream that there can therapy and or counselling that is focus on the impacted trauma that far too many exited women have.

I dream that there is hearing and listening to what is to raped to the point that it no longer rape, but just the role you have to be to survived.

I dream that there is a hearing and listening that sex trade is an issue of human rights, an issue of industrial sexual torturing, an issue of being made sub-human.

I dream that all those who fight against male violence against women and girls make the voices of exited women central – learn from us the depths of male hatred, the depths of our scapegoating that delude the non-whore-class that they are relatively safe, the depths of our knowledge of how to survive the unbearable.

These are my dreams that mean abolition must be a reality.

Join my dreaming and force a real change.

2 responses to “Dream Harder

  1. Have you seen the website for Demand Change? The women behind it have been campaigning for men to be punished for paying for sex and it has accounts of exited prostitutes experiences.


  2. Yes, I know a lot about Demand Change and have a lot of contact with on both the political level and friendship.
    One of the exited prostituted women’s account is by me, under my name, I also help with their video and with their campaign to get that it is a crime to buy a prostituted woman or girl if she is being exploited.

    Today, I am having a first meeting of a group similar to Demand Change where I live.


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