Reclaim the Night and Day

For women and girls inside the sex trade, the danger they live in is continual.

Men do not just buy and sell women and girls in the night. We are not and never have just been Women of the Night.

Men want to have the whore-class at their beck and call at every minute of every day, in every aspects of their lives.

That is why the sex trade has always used every advances in technology to its advantage, that is why there is the pretence that it is private, that is why it is labelled as business.

Men invented the whore-class, then invented ways to make it look as this class wanted and needed the violence and degradation, that men had pre-planed was the role to be put onto that whore-class.

It is that cynical, and always has been.

The horrific thing is thing that in all times, all cultures, and all belief systems men who invented the whore-class have got away with it – away with mental, physical and sexual torture – whilst other men and most women turn away.

It is private, it is not their business, it must be the choice of the women and girls in the sex trade, mustn’t judge, and many more excuses are invented.

Well, the sex trade is never private, it is always everyone’s business.

It is the business of every human to give a damn if other humans are being tortured.

Women and girls inside the sex trade are being tortured every minute of the every day.

This is abroad and on your street. They will be children and women. Who will be torture in flats, on streets, in hotels, on film studios, behind clubs, in offices, and any and every place men can imagine. They may be forced into the sex trade or go in willingly. Trafficking is common both internally and externally. They may or may not have pimps/managers.

All these women and girls can be tortured.

All it takes it the seller making the choice that this type of whore can be moulded to accept any violence, to accept the humiliation, to block out pain – that is to lose all humanity, and to become a fuck-doll.

All it takes is for the john to make the choice to not give a damn whether he is raping or not, to ignore that his actions must be pouring pain into her body, to make the conscious decision that whores love rough sex, to not feel anything if he sees and knows he has hurt her bad or push her into deadness.

Then it loses the label of torture – and become a business exchange, just sex, part of the leisure industry.

Hey presto, it not violence and degradation – it becomes fun, empowering even, and liberating for the women and girls inside the sex trade.

Only if no-one lets the voices of the women and girls inside or exited the sex trade be heard.

But no problem, they are silenced every minute of every day.

Being tortured is highly silencing – hell, you try speaking out with a penis forced to back of your throat.

The method the sex trade and johns used is to do sexual acts that would seemed unbelievable, would appear to be impossible without the woman or girl losing her life.

Then say, no-one will believe that, so there no point in speaking out. Everyone will just think you must be mad or wanted it really.

But, most damaging they say no-one will believe you coz if it really was that bad you would be dead – so being alive becomes a betrayal, like all those tortures were not real.

The silencing is deafening.

Sorry, I feel grief hitting me, this is all I can manage with this post.

I will end by saying this torture must not be ignored.

If you really care about male violence against women and girls – it means nothing if you discount the whore-class.

For it is to this class that male hate and violence is distilled onto.

Inside the “private” world of porn and prostitution – all rapes, sexual torture, sexual murders, mental tortures and degradation of women and girls are performed.

And sometimes, they are rehearsals before doing similar to what men consider “real” women and girls.

But, mostly it is kept within the sex trade. For there is a ready supply of throwaway women and girls to torture till the end of time – without pesky consequences, such as guilt, or major punishments.

Well, we have no choice but to end this torturing – if we really say we care about ending violence against women and girls.

The first step would be to make it illegal for any man to buy and sell women and girls. And to be serious about that, to put those men in prison for at least three years.

We own it to the millions of women and girls who have lost their voices – thinking and knowing no-one care about their hell.

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