I Will Dream

Sometimes to make real change, there must be dreamers who imagine another way of being.

I tend to have a pessimistic nature, for I view the world as it is, not how I wish it was. But I have inside me a dreamer – she is quiet most of time, but in this post, she will speak.

It my dream of a world without the sex trade.

It would be a world where all humans could not understand how such a cruel and pointless system could have of ever existed. How humans could have invented a concept of buying and selling humans just so other humans could wank into them.

It is a world where to buy another human for that purpose would see as rape, as a form of sexual and mental torture.

A world where prostitution and being inside of porn would be seen as a form of forced labour or slavery.

I can dream.

I can dream of changes inside prostitution as it is now.

I can dream that johns are arrested for rape, not for the one rape of the prostitute they are caught with, but the multiple rapes of many women in the sex trade, and the multiple rapes of individual prostituted women.

I can dream that it categorised as sexual torture to be in long-term prostitution.

I can dream that governments on the national and international levels recognised that sexual torturing is a complete violation of the prostitute’s human rights – and make firm and enforceable laws to punish johns.

I can dream that profiteers of the sex trade live in terror of their “businesses” being raided, closed down and all their financial gains stripped from them.

I can dream that prison sentences for those profiteers are so lengthy that they lose hope – then they have a small taste of what it is to be their goods.

I will dream, it is often all I have to hold onto.

I will dream of decent treatment for prostituted women and girls.

I will dream that there will specialise exiting projects being easier available to the vast majority of prostituted women and girls. Projects  that focus on the long-term trauma, not just the short-term of getting rid of addictions, finding housing and other work. Projects that understand the impact of torture, of multiple rapes, of being turned into a sub-human, and the loss of self-hood.

I will dream that others see it is not the stigma of being classed as a Whore that is the problem. The problem is that men think they have the right to rape, to beat up, to sexually torture and to murder a woman or girl because she is given the class of the Whore. Male violence is the issue – not what role the Whore is.

I will dream that the lives of all women and girls in the sex trade count. No more division of good and bad whores – no more division of ones to pity and ones to dismiss as sex-crazed. No more saying some are empowered, whilst others have no control over whether they degraded or not. No dividing indoors and street prostitution. No saying working in clubs, being a porn star is not as dangerous as “real” prostitution. No more divisions that just make excuses for male violence, for the profiteering from selling women and girls – no more bloody excuses.

I can only dream.

Only dream that the day will come that I wake up into a world where the sex trade is just dust.

I must dream – but dreaming makes me cry, when I wake knowing how the sex trade is poisoning hope on an hourly basis.

So, join my dreaming and force real change.

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