Freedom of Speech For Who

Although it may appear that Freedom of Speech is for everyone, this is daily proven to be rubbish.

Freedom of Speech is truly owned by those in power who are determined to hold onto to that power – and one way is to give the illusion that they give a damn that those they controlled should have space to speak out.

In this blog, I write from the point of view of an exited prostituted woman, and I know my speaking out is continually placed into a box that the sex trade and its supporters can ignored and or patronised.

But what matters to me more, is that the profiteers of the sex trade are given access to the “right” to Freedom of Speech, whilst the women and girls tortured inside the sex trade are silenced, are ridiculed, are shown to be too damaged to know their own realities.

In other words, women and girls inside the sex trade are gagged.

It is hard to speak out with fists, penises, hate, fear and objects continually forced down your throat.

If women in the sex trade are given the gift of Freedom of Speech, it is only if it controlled.

The only voices allow to have wide public hearing are either the victim drug-addicted street prostitutes who can be the poster pity-fest, or the empowered indoors prostituted adult, usually white, women who will carry the propaganda that prostitution is just work  that could liberate women.

These voices are inside the framing of the users and profiteers of the sex trade and their supporters. They are not full humans, but just that surface part that is the label of the prostitute.

The voices that are silenced and gagged, are the voices of prostituted women and girls that speaks of what it is to be a fuck-toy, what is to be raped but have no time for recovery for another rapist is waiting, what it is to forget that you are human.

These voices are shut away to speak only to those who already know of that hell, and not given any public hearing.

These voices have been there since prostitution was invented, but because they are silenced each generation of prostituted women and girls have to repeat their deadness over and over again, their continual physical, mental and sexual  torturing over and over again, have to say it is instituted raping over and over again.

For every generation of feminists, of the concerned people think they have discovered that prostitution is torture, that is the ripping apart of human rights.

Christ, because prostituted women and girls have never had the privilege to have Freedom of Speech without tight control – we are continually having to speak with mounting desperation of the mass destruction that is the sex trade.

I feel my screaming comes from the silenced screams of women in brothels-temples, silenced screams of courtesans throw away as age makes them of no purpose to men, silenced screams of women trapped into New Orleans brothels who are made into fun blues songs, silenced screams of women in all times who are war booty, silenced screams of women sitting in windows in Amsterdam and on and on an on.

It is controlled how we are allowed to speak – there can be brief glimpses into our hell, but makes sure it is surrounded by language that it may be rare or maybe illegal.

But, exited women who speak out are highly dangerous.

For we know our experiences of torture are never rare, and whether it is legal or illegal is of no importance – we know torture is the norm of the sex trade.

As for whether it is legal or not – it cannot matter, for all that really matters is that as many users as possible have easy and often private access to the sex trade.

Legal or illegal, johns will know where prostituted women and girls are. Legal or illegal, the sex trade will provide whatever porn fantasy the user wants.

Hell, the sex trade has used the concept of Freedom of Speech to increase it market.

In the sex trade universe, Freedom of Speech is that all porn should and must be made – no matter if includes torturing a real human to make that wank-material. Freedom of Speech is there to provide as many prostituted women and girls for johns to be sadistic to.

But there is no Freedom of Speech for the woman or girl being tortured to make porn, no Freedom of Speech for the prostituted woman or girls fucked into almost death.

As exited prostituted woman, I would say Freedom of Speech is a joke.

I care about justice and real punishment for users and profiteers of the sex trade – not the fantasy of Freedom of Speech.

2 responses to “Freedom of Speech For Who

  1. Absolutely.

    The ones in power telling the rest what is *free* is quite mighty of them.
    Free Speech is a bullshit phrase invented by White Doodes using spear and bullet to bludgeon people into their grip. This historical context is never considered when liberal fuck nation is told they may need to re-examine their C, D, E, F and G hard drives.


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