Rest and Recreation

On this Remembrance Day, I want to write about the general use of prostituted women and girls in all wars in all times.

It is assumed that fighting men from all cultures cannot survive long-term war without a continual supply of brothels, of street prostitutes and clubs that offer sexual services.

Heck, it is assumed in peace-time that these things should be on tap for any man – but for this post let’s pretend it just for the armed services.

I cannot see any long-term war, where a class named as Whores was not within easy reach of fighting men.

They are named camp followers, prizes of war, brothel “workers”-  named whores, but never labelled as prostituted women and girls.

Their treatment will be horrific – mass raping is the norm.

These women and girls are made into nothing, maybe if noticed called the accidents of war.

But their rapes do not warrant sympathy, do we have crusades to rescue them.

When rape in war is noticed – it is always “good” and innocent women and girls spoken of – not the women in the army brothel who is rape beyond counting, not the women in the Rest and Recreation clubs brutally raped in an alleyway, not the street prostitute brought into the barracks and raped all night.

This is because it considered to be their “job”, that no-one would do unless they wanted to – or the real cowardice we mustn’t intervene with a private matter.

Well, throughout history most prostitution for fighting men has been forced or coerced.

For centuries, men have capture women and girls and then moulded them in the whore-class. That is named as the spoils of war.

For centuries, the first thing men create in long-term wars is brothels, red-light districts and sex clubs. It is seen as their right, as rest and recreation – it is viewed a release.

Think about that word “release” – and imagine what fighting men may need to release into the bodies of prostituted women and girls.

I was sexually tortured and mass raped during times of peace, by mainly civilian men – that was hell, so imagine the rage, the refusal to acknowledge their own terror and trauma, the desire to place all their hate and blame onto women, and the fear of death making all rules of respect for another human not matter.

Imagine that being put into the bodies and minds of prostituted women and girls.

Imagine that it made acceptable for upper brass turn a blind eye to the mass torturing of prostituted women and girls, see it just as one way to have leisure.

War is hell, so why care about the whores who probably love it really.

Well, we must care.

If you say you care about rape – do it for all women and girls. Include those prostituted women and girls raped beyond knowing it can named as rape in all war zones.

Hey, it would a good start for the United Nations instead of using and abusing these prostituted women and girls – were raided and closing down all “rest and recreation” brothels, red-light districts and sex clubs.

That all the money wasted on making more weapons for more destruction – was placed in real exiting projects for prostituted women and girls used and abused in all wars.

That all armed forces were refused access to prostitutes just as a place for leisure and release.

It is not their right to make another human into a fuck-object to be sexually torture.

Please remember these prostituted women and girls – they are the invisible casualties of all wars.


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