Short Interlude


I have a great love of British and American of the 1940’s.

I got this from my Dad, who like me found great comfort in those movies, even many were very dark.

I remember sitting watching film noirs, loving that all the characters were not to be trusted. I love the edge in those films, edge of betrayal, edge of treachery and strong edge of suppressed sex spilling over.

I love Powell and Pressburger movies. I love the surreal, the moving speeches about the rise of Fascism, the sense that a love of the arts helps give a human heart, the sheer beauty in their films.

I can Judy Garland in her 40’s films until the day I died. I always know joy as I watch “Meet Me in St Louis”. Judy Garland was at her peak then, and why not remember her that way.

I love the American satire of the 40’s, “To Be Or Not To Be” is outstanding.

This just a short interlude as I have through so heavy stuff recently.

If you to name some British or American films of the 40’s you had love, that would very cool.

4 responses to “Short Interlude

  1. I love “Now Voyager”, especially as the mother reminds me of my mother, and is great to see a bad mother in a film get challenged. I have not seen “Watch on the Rhine”, I see it next time it on TV.


  2. I love both those films, Virginia. Rita Hayworth is brilliant in “Gilda”. “Double Indemnity” is my second favourite film noir next to “The Postman Only Rings Twice”.


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