Larry Flynt, I Hate You

It is the birthday of Larry Flynt today.

Every day he exists, his Hustler empire is putting more fear into women, making more men see women just as fuck-holes, he is making violence against women and girls into a joke.

So I list the reasons I hate you, Larry.

I hate coz you have no conscious about raping your daughter. She was just another porn-toy to you.

I hate coz you think you are some kind of working-class hero – even as you take all you can from white working-class men, as you spit on the poor. You say you are giving the working-class white man whats he wants and needs – all the time stealing as much money as you can from what you consider the stupid poor.

I hate that you printed incest and child-rape cartoons. Didn’t give a shit that the man drawing “Chester the Molester” raped children. Why would it mattered, when his “jokes” were a best-seller.

I hate that you wrap yourself around the Freedom of Speech bullshit. Do not allow women damaged by your making of violent porn to speak. Where are the voices of the women damaged in shooting of your fuck-dreams. Where are the voices of women raped, sexually and mentally tortured by your consumers thinking that your porn is harm-free and copied it on to their partners. And where the hell, are the voices of the women in the sex trade who are thought to not feel pain or to get degraded, so are an open market for men to experiment your photo-shoots and cartoons on living bodies.

I hate that your photo-shoots are all about making women and girls sub-humans. Be it they are just lumps of meat, sexual parts isolated from reality, bodies put beyond pain into terror. And you make it all into a joke.

I hate that you play the victim-role. You act as if you just misunderstood – when you are creating hate-speech, creating hate, violence and degradation against women and girls, when you use all race-hate speech and images that you can imagine, when you attack with venom any women who has independence, power or opposes women-hating porn. But you act the victim.

I hate that you turn on all those that oppose you and say it only a joke, haven’t you got a sense of humour. Can’t laugh at images of women politicians getting fucked to death. Can’t laugh at images of girls being lured into rape. Can’t laugh at porn scenes linking African-American with “fun” lynching or slavery, linking porn scenes with images of the Holocaust.  Can’t laugh at women bodies being put into a meat-grinder.

I hate you for imaging you are some kind of left-wing radical, call yourself a sexual anarchist. You are just a capitalist in tooth and claw. All you care about is making more and more money – and acting like you are anti-war or give a damn about working-class white male issues, is just a neat way to build up piles of cash.

God, it is exhausting listing why I hate you.

To end, I hate you because most of the men who violently raped me were encouraged to think it was nothing by your propaganda and hate-speech.

I was force-fed Hustler by my stepdad.

When I saw Chester the Molester, I lost hope that anyone would care that my stepdad raped me. It was only fun after all, didn’t cartoons say so, and if I scared I would soon learn to enjoy it.

I know that most sexual torturing that johns did to my bodies and to the bodies of millions of prostituted women and girls – is copying all the “funny” violent porn that is your bread and butter.

The johns copied your cartoons, placing our bodies into utter danger – cartoons are never real, so you can anything you like to a woman’s body. But johns force my and millions of prostituted women’s bodies into hell. Forcing in objects that could kill us, ripping us apart. Johns angry if we bled, if we fainted, if we stop acting like it was not great – furious if we died on them. Not like that in your porn images.

Johns saw your photo-shoots, and fuck it into whore’s bodies. Laughing at our pain, laughing at our terror and making out he is conqueror, he fucks his way to victory.

Larry Flynt, that is what you have given the world – yet more reason for women and girls to be destroyed.

So happy birthday – one day older, one day closer to death.

6 responses to “Larry Flynt, I Hate You

  1. I wonder why hatred campaings against us are not considered crime.If it was a nazist magazine or racist one,everybody would be claiming for censorship,the Human Rights organizations would be campaining for punishing the responsables…why when it is about women,everything is allowed? Isn´t Feminism strong enought nowadays? Are women making blinded eyes/endorssing it to the point of making all those cruelties “normal”? I guess it is time to sit down and think seriously about that…


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