Put the Blame On

I am sick of hearing, of being told that the reason I had such a shit time in prostitution is coz I was too mental or too weak to protect myself.

This is told to me and other exited women for our own good.

For don’t we know that prostitution is safe, or that it is safe enough, if the whore would just look after herself.

The violence is her fault, she is degraded when she could just walk away.

Damnit, blame the whore and make the profiteers and johns invisible.

Well, I don’t buy it.

It is the buyers and sellers that carry all the blame for all the violence and degradation poured into prostituted women and girls.

Oh, and I don’t let off the hook all those who walk on by as prostitutes are continually being tortured.

Let look closely at the concept of choice in the world of prostitution. Then we can place blame where it should be.

There is a very dangerous myth that for some prostitutes, especially indoors prostitution such as escorting – that it just an equal sexual exchange of consenting adults.

This is bullshit.

It is a john who is paying for full control and ability to do whatever sexual fantasy his money can afford. There may be a manager/profiteer who is supplying fuck-goods to feed any porn fantasy.

The prostitute is there to holes and hands, to the object who has no pain, no real emotion – just there to be fucked and to be tortured, and to look happy and “empowered” all the way through it.

That is not equality – that is sexual slavery.

See what a john really is.

Not some sad lonely man, not some youth discovering his true sexuality, not a gentleman who would rescue her if he can remember.

The john is no myth, no novel plot – he’s no damned film scenario.

From the point of view of the whore whose body was wore out by their violence and hate – the john is nobody and nothing.

Each time a john comes into the room, there is always fear.

The prostitute has no control whether the john will be sadistic or act the nice guy. No control over whether he be bothered to use a condom or not. No control over whatever sexual act he will do – even when it puts her on the edge of death or send injuries into her until all she do is be dead inside.

The john is utterly to blame if she is raped, if she is severely injured, if he makes the choice to do dangerous sex or torture her. Everything that is done to the prostitute is his choice – no-one has forced him to buy her.

Sure, johns love the role of the victim. The whore made me go too far, the whore push beyond my limits.

Bullshit –  the john is always aware when he is injuring her, he knows it is sexual torture and or rape, he knows she is only pretending it is ok.

For the vast majority of johns love the complete power and control of making her into dirt.

Even the so-called nice guys, are never nice, for they are still owning and possessing another human just for their sexual kicks.

A real man would not even imagine buying a woman just for his orgasm.

Every john is to blame for the violence and degradation that is the constant for the vast majority of prostituted women and girls.

No man has the right to buy anyone anywhere just for his wanking inside a live body.

I will write again about the profiteers, but this post is putting the blame firmly on the johns.

Without these cold-blooded consumers, there would no prostitution.

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