Out of Sight, Out of Mind

I have been trying to rest, only it is very hard as I see and hear all round me, that prostitution is being pushed indoors.

I cannot know what to do, but speak my piece about my fears and sickness about this. There is so little else that I can do.

I feel that I am having to repeat myself over and over and over again that indoors prostitution is highly dangerous, that it is a perfect way to exploit the prostituted.

But however loud I speak out, however much I write in protest, however much I try to change minds and attitudes – it feels like pushing up against a granite mountain.

For it seems that speaking to power, when it comes to stopping the push for indoors prostitution, is speaking to the wind, hell to a hurricane.

To me, the greatest victory the sex trade ever had been making out indoors was safe.

This is not new. Roman and ancient Greeks disguised brutal brothels as temples, made whores into goddesses or priestesses – then it was painted as empowering and liberating, even as prostituted women and girls were the lowest of low of the slave-class.

It is not new. See the filthy and disease-ridden “houses” where whores were enclosed in Medieval cities – see the language and gargoyles that paint the fun-times men can have in these prisons for the prostituted. Look how all whores are just a playground for male violence.

It was never new. See the glamorous veneer of the courtesan. She is dressed only for the male view, her existence can only survive as long that view sees her as fuckable, as usable – as his private sex-toy that he may pass on to other men to gain status and power. She is not given the privilege to be fully human – just a doll that when old and “ugly” will thrown into the trash.

How can it be new. When every period had brothels, had whores lined up for rest and recreation in every war, had companions paid to look like the man is “normal”, had buildings full of sadistic sex, sex with under-aged prostitutes.

Prostitution is always placed indoors.

It so much better for pimps and johns, to have discretion, to have places where anything is allowed with money and the power that gives you.

Indoors prostitution has never been about the physical, sexual and mental welfare of the prostituted – especially not prostituted women and girls.

I see no evidence, except from those who profit from the sex trade – that the push for indoors prostitution is about the welfare of the prostituted.

Though I do see a desire to make prostitution invisible to public scrutiny, I do see a desire for the huge profits of indoors prostitution, I see a desire for johns to have privacy for any sadistic porn to be copy onto the bodies of the prostituted.

Indoors prostitution is about greed, violence, hate, creating a class of non-humans, slavery and a firmly shut door.

That is the way is has always been, that the way it is now – and if we allow it, the way it will be in the future.

Placing prostitution indoors is saying it is ok to sacrifice the prostituted.

You are leaving the prostituted no safety, no belief that anyone cares about them, no way to have a connection to outside influences and no memory of a life with hope.

To shove prostitution indoors is unforgivable – for it saying that the prostituted are never human enough to have the things that others take for granted.

The ability to live with safety from sexual, mental and physical torture as a normal part of their existence.

The ability to be more than fuck-holes with the right to a mind, to have dreams or to live outside the porn-dreams of others.

There is little or no romance about indoors prostitution.

Not when your body is fucked by hundreds or thousands of strangers – most of whom don’t care if it is painful, most enjoy degrading the whore, most have a rage against women that is poured into the prostitute.

Where is the romance.

Not when all the time there is fear of injuries, of STD’s, of mental violence, of mock murder turning into real murder, of having the money stolen by managers, of no recovering from rape coz the next rapist is waiting, of every hole in your body surviving by numbing itself.

That’s the glamour of indoors prostitution.

This is all done out of sight, shut away in privacy – so why would it be safe.

But indoors prostitution can means governments can tax the sex trade, means profiteers of the sex trade can supply any and all porn fantasy to the johns.

No matter how sadistic it is, no matter if means an increase in all types of trafficking, no matter if an increase of under-prostituted, no matter if the john murders the prostitute – for with indoors prostitution, everything will be sorted out in-house, and kept invisible to the public gaze.

Indoors prostitution has always and will always paint an image of being clean, safe, a fun place and so damned caring to its “employees”/goods.

Hell, we get jazz songs painting a fun image, Impressionist painters chasing the whore, endless male novels of how men become men by a whore fucking them, films of escorts waiting to be “rescue” by marrying some rich john, poems chasing or blaming whores, and on and on and on goes the male re-creation of the whore.

Little or nothing is written, sung, spoken or recorded of the violence that is so constant, that for far too many whores it becomes their only existence.

I want songs of all genres to have the sound of that deadness – have the inner scream that places the blame squarely on the johns and profiteers.

I want paintings with the blood, sweat, cold terror, semen in every space – paintings that show the repetition of no end.

I wants novels that words leap off the page of the terror of never knowing whether the john will want violence or eat away your mind by acting “nice”. Novels that are cold inside the dead essence of the narrator.

As a film-buff, I want films to show reflections of the slow murder of everything that make girl or women into the prostituted.

Hell, all I want is that the viewpoint of the prostituted is placed above the profiteers and johns.

It that too much to ask for.

I am terrified that prostitution will be made invisible by pushing it indoors.

Remember the hate and violence will increases if prostitution is out of sight.

Care enough to not to put prostitution out of your mind, just coz you not see that hate and violence.

2 responses to “Out of Sight, Out of Mind

  1. Hell, all I want is that the viewpoint of the prostituted is placed above the profiteers and johns.

    You’re making it happen, Rebecca.


  2. A documentary came out recently called Very Young Girls, and it does a really good job of showing the truth about prostitution. They show how calloused the johns are, and how lightly they are punished compared to prostitutes. Thats just about the only movie I have seen that told the truth about it though.


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