After Shock

I went to Million Women Rise yesterday, and it was brilliant.

But, I am in deep shock – or maybe I am full of rage and frustration.

I give my speech, and I know it was very good – but deep inside if felt like planting stones into soil and expecting plants to grow.

I feel words are no longer good enough – not unless there is behind them a massive battle to stop prostitution being put behind closed doors.

I think I am depressed as I feel the women and girls being raped now.

Yesterday I walked out of Million Women Rise and saw groups of men – and how many of them are going to use the sex trade, and not even their best friend or partner will not know.

For this is the sex trade now, it is ordinary, it part of the leisure culture – it is everywhere for those who use it, and nowhere to everyone else.

I feel I cannot speak much, when prostitution is just part of a general protest on male violence against women.

It feel too muddling, too much like the whole of history where whores must wait their turn, must always be an example for women to learn by. Must not have a separate voice.

Only, how can we fight male violence, if the voices of exited prostituted women is always an appendix to feminism.

Face it, whores know more about the ins and outs of male violence, of how men truly view women, of how male power works, of how some men would eliminate women and girls if they could.

So, they start by eliminating prostituted women and girls.

This is done with basis sexual and physical violence – but with more skill it done by silencing the many voices of the whore.

And feminism is part of allowing of that to happen.

It is done as exited prostituted are made to be an afterthought of feminism – rather than being leading voices.

It is done as exited prostituted women are made to speak in the language of rape and domestic violence – rather than the language of human rights, torture and genocide.

It is done as exited prostituted women as just used as token to be examples – thus placing them in the position of the sub-human.

It is done when exited prostituted ask to have a separate voice and are told that is too extremist.

I am a feminist – but by god, it bloody hard when all the time feminism is sending more despair and frustration into me.

But I think that the many very voices of the exited prostituted women are the most feminist sounds I have ever heard.

So give them a strong and separate platform.

One response to “After Shock

  1. ‎”The equation of truth-telling with betrayal is one of the more powerful ways to promote silence. No one wants to be regarded as a traitor. Many individuals in the public eye want to determine and control their representation. When the notion of solidarity or allegiance is reduced soley to the issue of secret keeping we lose our ability to to form communities based on respect” – bell hooks


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