A Very Bad Week

As I write the leak in my roof is driving me insane – joys of living in a council flat.

But this week has terrible, because more and more there is a push to place prostitution indoors – and that is meant to make it safer for prostituted women and girls.

There little or no public space to say it not about just making it safer – it about asking more fundamental questions.

It is asking loudly why do we allow men to have the entitlement to make women and girls into fuckable commodities to be brought and sold.

Why does anyone think places it behind closed will make it safer for those women and girls.

Why when listening to prostituted women, is it usually those who are privileged or are now managers, that are part of the media circus.

I do not believe that indoors prostitution can ever be made safe enough.

It can never be safe when all you are is a commodity, with your human rights stripped from you.

That is the reality for the vast majority of women and girls in indoors prostitution.

Escorting is painted as safer, well paid and a life of relative independent.

Only certain realities are keep hidden.

Most escorts have little or no protection if the john decides to be violent.

For many escorts, the manager will know the john has a violent reputation, but if he pays a lot, what’s the big deal. It just a whore, ain’t it.

The only time most of the profiteers of escorting care about safety is in the media gaze or if they know there will be an inspection. Normally they just throw their “girls” to the wolves.

I have been told that in an ideal world, that prostitution would run by co-ops of prostituted women.

I do not see that happening – I see women being madams and other women being commodities.

Even if there was co-ops, it is still all about making women into fuckable goods for any and all men who want to buy them.

Where is the freedom in that, what is empowering about that.

That is why I cannot see a middle ground when it comes to prostitution – for I know as long as prostitution is considered to be normal – there women and girls raped, sexually tortured, made into hard-core porn and murdered to feed the sex trade.

I have to fight for abolition, it is not a choice – it is survival, it is wanting to place prostituted women and girls in the position of being full humans not goods, it the belief that no one ever should be a sexual slave, it coz I cannot watch the genocide of the prostituted class and do nothing.

I want men to stop buying women and girls for their living porn-toys. I want them more than just fined – money means little to many johns.

Hell, if he afford to buy a prostitute he will be care-less of any fine.

No johns should done for rape, for battery, for attempted murder. Don’t make their crime invisible, just because it was prostitution.

I want the profiteers to live with a huge fear of long prison sentences. After all, they are organising that many women and girls are raped, tortured, mentally abused and murdered. Don’t let their clean-cut image fool you.

I want there to be real exiting schemes for prostituted women and girls – where there is specialist counselling or therapy for the long-term trauma that most have to live with.

I want to build a world where the concept of prostitution is considered to be of the past – for it spoken as slavery, as the complete and utter violation of the prostituted’s rights to be a full human, that is destroyed the prostituted in the body, mind and essence.

So, this is a bloody week – but it reminds to fight harder.

One response to “A Very Bad Week

  1. And that is the point… no one wants to penalise prostituted women any further than they already are. No; the men who buy women and the men who profit from women have to bear the responsibility.
    Prostitution would not exist if men didn’t think that women’s bodies were their personal toilets.
    And I hope everything works out for you re: the leak and again blessings to you. xox


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