Million Women Rise

This is a version of a speech I will be giving in Manchester on the 10th of October. It is for all my loyal supporters who cannot make me even more nervous by being there.


I am speaking today as an exited prostituted woman. As I speak, I want you to be aware that the vast majority of prostituted women and girls are in the forefront of male violence. Only their day-to-day experiences of violence and degradation is made invisible by the sex trade.

This is done by re-naming their realities as just dirty work. This makes all their rapes, all their beatings, that they are in constant terror of sexual torture, and all their murders – all this is invisible. It is just the risk of the job.

Well, I am sick of being told it is just a nasty job, but someone has to do it. Would you do it.

Place yourself inside that job. Would you want your body used and abused by countless faceless men. Would it be ok if your body is made into a fuckable commodity. Are you ok with being throwaway goods.

It makes no difference if you are a street prostitute or a highly paid escort – if you are long-term in the sex trade, you will be made into a sub-human. Your only purpose is to be there for any and all male sexual wants.

Remember that no prostituted woman or girl can have no control over how a punter treats her. It is his choice how violent he wants to be.

Know that the sex trade provides whatever porn fantasy that the punter has. They will force new porn at him, it will bring in more cash. It is up to the prostitute to become living porn for the punter – her safety and mental welfare is of no importance.

Imagine that.

Imagine being a street prostitute, who is beaten up or thrown out of a moving car – for the punter cannot be bothered to pay.

Imagine being a highly paid escort, who is raped, beaten and sexually tortured. All this for the punter believes he owns her, his money has given him that privilege. He knows that everything he does is hidden behind closed doors – the sex trade will clean up its own mess.

Imagine being a lap-dancer, who is doing extras, that is paid sex for special customers – doing it to earn enough to live on.

Imagine being an under-aged prostitute who is dead before she is alive.

Know what the sex trade wants to keep hidden.

Know it not just about trafficking between countries. Know internal trafficking may be happening to women and girls on your street, you may have sat next to trafficked women or girls on the bus or train.

Do not just have shock and horror about under-aged prostituted girls – but when the same girls turn 16 or 18 make out they have chosen their lifestyle – and by magic, become empowered prostituted women.

Do not be fooled by the push to legalise prostitution, and to place it into regulated brothels – that that would do anything for the safety and dignity of prostituted women and girls.

How can any woman or girl be safe or have pride, when all she is is fuck-goods for any and all men.

No alarms, no supply of condoms, no bodyguards, no list of bad punters can protect her from sexual violence or murder.

You can be raped in less than 30 seconds, you also can be murdered in less than 30 seconds.

I worked for many years indoors, and I can tell you that the profiteers of the sex trade don’t give a damn about the safety and mental welfare of the prostituted. But they are very good at giving an outward show of being caring.

There is a way to giving back hope and dignity to prostituted women and girls. It is to decriminalise those who are prostituted and provide them with access to specialise exiting schemes. It is to fully prosecute the men that make the choice to buy the prostituted. It is to fully punish all the profiteers of the sex trade.

No man should have the right to buy and sell women and girls, just for something as unimportant as a sexual want.

We must believe and fight for abolition of the sex trade as our long-term goal.

To do otherwise is to leave prostituted women and girls inside a system of genocide. Only the sex trade makes this genocide invisible, by continually replacing the goods.

3 responses to “Million Women Rise

  1. i wish i could be there, too, rebecca! know that i will be there in spirit, at least! let us know how it goes. i’m proud of you and everything you do!


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