Do Not Tell Me It Was Just Fun

It seemed a backlash put on survivors of the sex trade , they are told that they had a good time, especially if they did escorting or worked in clubs.

We are made to feel like Banquo’s ghost. Spoiling the day-to-day partying that is indoors prostitution, spoiling their free sex, spoiling women earning tons of money.

We stand in silence, accusing. We stand in silence, remembering and knowing.

We are made into ghosts, but make to choice to act like poltergeists.

Slowly throwing wrecking balls at the sex trade and its supporters, with our words we make them unsure.

Only, we are alive, that is the greatest fear of the sex trade profiteers that women that they used, raped, tortured and thrown onto a trash-heap – that they do not die, or just disappear.

Being alive, and having the strength to let the mind remember – we are a massive threat to the sex trade – and by god, we are hated for not forgetting.

The sex trade tries to drown out our voices by painting a picture of what fun being prostituted is.

Of course, it put all the burden on the women – doesn’t mention girls – making profiteers and johns invisible.

Of course, the sex trade claims there is only limited violence – some of which is wanted by the prostitute, the rest just bad johns or the prostitute is not being suitable for her work.

Of course, the sex trade claims to care deeply about the safety of its “staff” or girls – or let’s be honest, goods. They care to always have condoms in-house, they care to have cameras and security men, they care to have regular health checks for the goods.

Of course, the sex trade claims any prostitute can leave any time she wants.

Of course, the sex trade advertises indoors prostitution as a high earner.

But, women like me dare to announce all that is utter bullshit.

Putting all the burden on the women is a classic – it creates the myth that prostitution is just free choice done by adults.

This is dangerous crap.

A great many women in prostitution begun when they were under-aged. It appears that once they hit 16 or 18, they suddenly can make free choices.

No matter that they may have been raped and tortured for many years, no matter that she closed off from any reality apart from the sex trade, no matter she has few or no rights every time a john make the choice to buy her.

She is an adult, so she must have freely chosen her lifestyle.

The claim there is little violence in indoors is plainly ridiculous.

All it is that the violence is placed firmly behind closed doors, and the sex trade shouts loudly that it would be judgemental to view prostitution as violent or degrading – and then by magic, any violence, hate, rage and porn-fuelled degradation that johns pour into the prostitutes is made to vanish.

Only us survivors remember. We remember in every cell of our bodies, we remember through the sickness of trauma – we remember and will force the world to know our tortures.

As for the sex trade claiming to care about the safety of its goods, more crap.

Condoms, a show of security and health checks is so the sex trade can run on as usual with as little interference as possible – and to protect the johns.

If they really cared, then they would stop that most prostitution is paid rape, would never allow profiteers and johns to beat up the prostitutes. would not make her do extra that are really sexual torture.

As being able to leave any time –  that is just a lie. Most women manage to exit because they terrified they are going to die.

It can be a high earner – but with that the rich johns want the right to own her completely. He will feel it his right to rape her any way he wants, to beat her if she will not be raped, to keep locked her in if he wants, to use her as decoration as he wants.

The more money he has – the more he can pay to keep all his actions from the public gaze.

She is considered the rank of sexual slave.

That is what the sex trade is keeping hidden.

But us inconvenient survivors remember those times – and will speak out.

3 responses to “Do Not Tell Me It Was Just Fun

  1. glad there are people like you out there……. You are few and far between x love and the utmost respect from me to you x thankyou x


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