Talking to a Wall

I cannot understand why it so difficult to get so to recognise that indoors prostitution is highly dangerous and often degrading. Does not matter how well paid it is, does not matter how much there is language about security and safety.  Does not matter the lies saying you be respected.

Indoors prostitution is given many labels – girlfriend experience, escort, companion, massage/sauna worker, lap-dancer, club companion and many more labels – but in the to the johns and profiteers a prostitute is a prostitute. And a prostitute is there to be used and thrown away.

So why do so many intelligent people think indoors prostitution is safe and the treatment is respectful.

Sure, I understand the power of the sex trade’s propaganda that knows it will recruit, by saying how trendy indoors prostitution is.

Why is it not seen as propaganda. You will seen words of politicians as propaganda, you know much of the news is propaganda, you will view most of the media as propaganda – but the sex trade is let off the hook.

Let off by saying it not the language of multi-billion dollars industry, but only the words of individual women who are in the sex trade.

And it is only selected women – women who fit the image of making stacks of money, women who appear in control, women who will say there is only limited violence and they don’t feel degraded, women who choose who they have as johns.

Now, maybe there a few women like that in indoors prostitution, but they are a tiny minority – and often a fiction invented by the sex trade to get more goods to exploit.

But the majority that appeared happy, are blocking out the violence and degradation that is viewed as part of their job, viewed as their purpose.

Being happy is a matter of survival, not knowing the reality of being made a fuck-object, made into goods, made sub-human – that reality is unbearable.

Think harder what indoors prostitution is. Think with a heart, not with the part of your brain that wants it to be pleasant.

Think what it is to fucked by strangers who know you cannot say no.

Think what it is to have johns paying lots of money to have a prostitute/sex slave to do his will. Know he is paying to do whatever sexual fantasy he wants, however violent, however much it may threaten her life, no matter it is her hell – he makes it his heaven.

Think what it to be in an enclosed space not knowing what a john will do, not knowing how long it will last, not knowing if you leave alive.

Think how you would feel to be moved round all types of indoors – working in clubs, being an escort, being put into porn, being passed special “customers”.  Moved round till you lose any sense that you are human.

Think that being beaten up is normal. It normal for profiteers to control their “girls” by threats of beatings or regular beatings.

Think how johns do not just want sex, hardly ever want penis in vagina – know they want to push the envelope as far as they can. If they have sex it to cause as much mental and physical damage as they can.

Think of some experiences from friends and me, when we were considered privileged prostitutes. We were gang-raped, we were pushed out moving cars, we were beaten to deep unconsciousness, we deep-throated till we almost died, we were anally raped till we wished we were dead.

Think that many privileged prostitutes are murdered, and their deaths are made invisible.

Think that a rich john can rape you and torture for weeks and even months. He can use his money to isolate you.

Think that of these men are in position of great power and status, be they businessmen, celebrities, politicians, religious men – so their word is more important that some whore they may have raped and tortured.

That is some things to think of when you want to say that indoors prostitution is a good career choice.

Please know all prostitution is full of violence – why would indoors prostitution be any different.

2 responses to “Talking to a Wall

  1. Dear Rebecca ~ My respect for you grows with every word you write. That you put it all out there and your descriptions do not candy coat or minimize the horror of your experience.

    Please do not let the nay sayers discourage you. Please keep telling until you feel it has been said enough. I and many others are listening. I believe you! I hear you and stand in solidarity with you my sweet sister.

    Namaste Jonina


  2. You are fast becoming my most admired person. Every post you put out there, touches me and like Jonina, I hear you loud and clear and I too, stand in solidarity with you. You are not alone.
    Peace and love Susan


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