Not Just Footballers

Recently, there has been loads of fuss made that some footballers have been caught going with prostitutes.

There is shock and horror that they choose under-aged prostitutes, there is over-reporting of how much money they spend.

There is pointless discussions whether it worse than having a real affair. Pointing out how it is just sex without emotions – so where’s the harm.

There are pages and pages, words and words about the men, about the girlfriends/wives, about their reputations – little or nothing about the prostitute as a full human being.

Instead she is just a stereotype for others to pin their morals on.

And the footballer is used to make invisible all the other men who buy prostitutes.

Say it is decadent sportsmen, say it rich bastards – say it is anything but the truth – that it just ordinary men, rich or poor, making the choice to own another human being.

Use me as an example, a typical an indoors prostitute. I can list the men that had me, the men that throw me away.

They were students, they were artists, they were training to be politicians or leaders in their countries, they were unemployed, they were in bands, they were businessmen and on and on.

They were ordinary – but often not ordinary in their violence and hate.

Men who seemed too old, seemed not strong enough, seemed to have a charm, seemed to be funny – all these men would torture me, often for hours.

The media is obsessed in “exposing” the famous, but rarely report what was done to the prostitute.

And even she did speak of the negative, would the media give a damn.

Instead they make her voice say “whorish” stuff that make the man a laughing-stock.

No interest that she was used as goods, no interest that he had permission to owned as long as his money last.

No interest that they may have been sexual violence, may have been beatings and rapes. That if true, can and will be censored out.

No interest that the more money the man has, the more likely he will make a sexual slave.

Money talks bloody loud in the world of the sex trade.

I read of footballers and always wonder what is not reported – and I want to cry.

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