There was No Golden Age

One thing that is maddening is how so many want to believe there was a Golden Age of Prostitution.

Well, as all the history of prostitution was written and promoted by the sex trade and is supporters, that is simple belief. There little or no records left by the prostituted class – if they do leave a record it is destroyed or distorted.

Leaving an image that all whores were whores were goddesses, courtesans, working in brothels was so much better than other work, were victim-types, were just examples to show the corruption of their times.

All whores in history are never given the privilege of being full humans – so the reader can place any stereotype they wish on them.

I find the latest fashion for re-calling a time, a Golden Age, when prostitutes were worshipped as almost goddesses, were placed high above the messy business of the sex trade – a time that was a myth.

Well, if you believe in unicorns, believe there really were Amazons, believe Santa exist – than you can believe that prostitutes in ancient cultures were not slaves.

Could it not be that the sex trade has always enslaved the prostituted, and has always built a language and culture that give the illusion of freedom and empowerment.

There is so pro-sex trade fascination with temple-prostitution. It is made out these types of prostitutes were empowered, were even worshipped. That the men were darn lucky to be fuck by them.

Give them a name of a goddess, make sure they have no record of their real lives and that they have dead for at least a thousand years – then we can say whatever pro-sex trade myth we like about them.

So dismiss evidence that the vast majority prostitutes inside temples were slaves with no prospect of escape except death.

Dismiss the evidence that there nothing religious about temples that were just brothels. Like brothels in most cultures, most centuries – would want younger and younger whores, and throwaway the whores that looked too old or other ways not marketable.

Could it not be that men who wanted an endless prostitution-class named it as a temple, give the prostitute the names of goddesses.

Maybe out of guilt, maybe because it was a great to increase the market.

But, I find little or no evidence of women and girls that were prostituted being any more than slaves.

There are other times which were considered the Golden Age.

The sixteenth and seventeenth centuries in parts of Europe for the high-class courtesan for example.

She is written down as a great way for lower-class women to gain access to male power. She, of course, uses her womanly wiles to manipulate men.

It is she who has control, she who is on occasions the real power behind the throne.

Sorry, but that is utter bullshit – and just proves the history of prostitution is written by the profiteers of the sex trade and johns – never by the prostituted.

Most courtesans were kept on a firm lease.

Their “power” only lasted as long as they considered to be fuckable.

They had to stay young-looking, had to be available to all men in the court, had the constant threat of being thrown away for a younger and more fuckable model.

Sure, courtesans were given permission to read, to run salons, to play at having a brain.

But, then the sex trade has always had multiple markets for johns to select.

The market of intelligent whore who johns can still own and can do as he wants – that market is highly profitable.

The courtesan is no more or less than a doll to the men that used her.

She can read, she may even write, she can socialise with other courtesans – but in the end, she must remember she is there to be fucked.

She must never forget she is just a whore.

I have no time to write more – but there was no Golden Age.

Prostitution is always based on sexual slavery – no matter what fancy words are put on it.

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