Handel on the Radio

Handel is some of the most peace-giving music we are lucky enough to have.

Inside my PTSD, I sure need some peace.

Handel was my Dad’s favourite composer.

Listening to Handel, I feel the depth of grief. I would want to say – did you hear that. I speak into silence.

Handel reminds that there is good in the world.

When PTSD is forcing into my mind and body all the horror, hate and degradation I known.

Handel gives me back beauty.

When the bodies memories sick out all the ugliness men chose to put into my mind and body.

Handel reminds there something there is more than this simple day-to-day life, this life of struggle, this time of confusion.

There is more, there is a spirit that wants and need us to fight for justice, to move forward when things appear impossible – to believe we can and will make it better.

I listen to Handel, hoping to find my route to peace of mind.

But, I cannot have true peace when I know millions of prostituted women and girls are trapped in hell, are given no hope of an exit.

Handel calms me.

But from that calmness, I get the power to keep on fighting the sex trade.

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