My Blog, My Rules

This post is written to say the comments I will no longer publish. It is my blog, so I will only publish what is constructive and not harmful to survivors of the sex trade.

1. I will not publish stuff that is “educating” me that indoors prostitution is not violent. This is just insulting, and not true for the vast majority of prostituted women and girls who are indoors.

2. I will not publish brothel owners informing me how safe their place is, and how well they treat their girls. Saying how I would enjoy working for them.

3. I will not publish women saying how wonderful being an escort/prostitute is for them. I am not here to give you free advertisement.

4. I will not publish men writing how not all johns are bad, remember the good guys. I believe no man need to buy sex, so a man that makes that choice cannot fit the good guy image.

5. I will not publish endless comments on how I was just unlucky, maybe I was and am mentally ill. I will not publish comments that focus on my individual flaws, rather than seeing I am using myself as an example of what is common practice in indoors prostitution.

6. I will not publish comment comparing indoors prostitution to factory farming. I have had a lifetime of being made sub-human, so see the women and girls trapped in indoors prostitution as full humans, do not say they are like chickens.

7. I will not publish comments that I hate all men or that I don’t hate men enough. To me, that is not the point – which I will and do condemn all men that make the choice to buy and sell the prostituted. This is not all men, and I fully back men who stand up against the sex trade.

8. I will not publish comments that used my words to form hard- or soft-core porn. That is just pathetic.

9. I will not publish comments that make into a fanatic who is going to throw all prostitutes out of work without caring about their mental, economic and physical welfare.

10. I will not publish comments that use my grief for my Dad’s death as an excuse to attack. That is too low to even acknowledge.

11. I will not publish comments that divide the prostituted between those worthy of sympathy and the rest must be happy. In this view, the under-aged prostitute is a victim, but on her 18th birthday she has suddenly has chosen her lifestyle. In this view, external trafficking is terrible, but internal trafficking is made invisible.

12. I will not publish comments going on about where I worked, whether it was legal or illegal, how long ago was it. These are just red herrings – hoping to trap me and prove that I was an one-off, and the rest of indoors prostitution is hunky-dory.

13. I will not publish comments going on and on and on about how I am censoring the pro-sex trade view. How sad, when you have the print media, the art culture both high and popular, the radio, TV, films, novels, politicians, and most man-made institutions to back your view. Oh, you could write your own blog.

This is a short list of some of the comment I so so bored of reading. I sure you carry on writing, but don’t expect to be published.

13 responses to “My Blog, My Rules

  1. And fair enough too!!! It is YOUR blog; that is it. No further correspondence entered into.
    I am hoping you are ok and take care.


  2. Thanks to both of you.

    Trisha, your support is so wonderful, especially when say is “pretty reasonable and all very true”. That means the world to me.

    Susan – please comment whenever you wish, I deeply appreciate it.
    I am very slowly getting better, but it trauma is a scary journey.


  3. Quite right too! You have thought about it and it’s your blog.

    Go for girlie vent the venom from your spleen. prostitution is an atrocity and you are very clear in stating this and thank the goddess you speak out


  4. There are links between the way women are made into objects and the way animals are made into objects, but whether this is the forum for that discussion is debatable. You get to choose, Rebecca, and I respect your decision on this.

    I admire you for setting the boundaries you have x


  5. Oh, Rebecca, you are brave and wise, and I do hope you know you have my support. Even when I get busy with other issues, you are always in my heart and in my thoughts. Your courage, again, shines through here. Your teaching is valuable beyond words. Thank you!


  6. I have learned a lot from reading your blog, thanks for writing and for being so prolific. Sorry you have to deal with jerk commenters.


  7. Brilliant!

    Cowardly commentators have no right to your time or space. As a general rule, if you have to resort to whining that an individual blogger is ‘censoring’ you, you are almost certainly a) a coward, b) talking shit, and c) trying to abuse, manipulate and intimidate.

    No blogger has the power to censor you. If you think you are being censored because a blogger refuses to publish your obnoxious drivel, then you need to see someone about your out-of-control entitlement issues. Oh, and you need to fuck off.


  8. That is a very good list, and reasonable, as said above (though on your own blog reason isn’t an esential).
    Surely the possessors of a little common sense would not leave such offensive comments :-/
    But as known, common sense isn’t common.


  9. R, I am very sorry about this. I am a radical/socialist feminist and I loved one of your blog posts so much that I made a video reading some of it. I linked your blog thinking that those who ALSO denigrate me for being a former prostitute would NOT come here to threaten you and disturb you.

    I suffer the same nonsense, on YouTube and occasionally on my blog, Feminist Outlaw. I have so many pro-exploitation folks who abuse the hell out of me because I don’t tow the sex positive (whatever that means) line.

    I am a survivor but they are quick to say, ‘well, you were a bad fit for the job then.’ When they make that kind of crazy talk then I know they have no grounded view of reality as there is no woman who should HAVE to be fit for that ‘job.’

    If you still have any of those comments I would love to see them and expose these people once and for all.


  10. Rebecca,
    Ifully support the decision that you have made.Your vauable opinons have truly helped me to gain perspective on so many different levels that I would never have had the chance to had it not been for you.Much Respect and Thanks.. Kelly


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