Nothing Positive About This

I want to write about what the sex-positives feminists are backing, when they make the choice to back the sex trade.

I want to confront that it all about individual freedom of choice, all about caring about the safety of women inside the sex trade, that it can made empowering and even feminist-friendly.

All this is so far from the truth of the conditions that is endured by women and girls.

Rather it the language of a sick joke, language of the deeply privileged and ignorant – heck, it is the language of the sadist profiteer in the sex trade.

Let’s look at freedom of choice in the context of the sex trade.

First, freedom of choice to be a prostitute, an escort, a porn star, working in a sauna, on sex phones etc., comes from a great many of limitations.

Say it nothing to do with women being an economic under-class, that there few well paid jobs for women. Say the sex trade does used the financial prize to draw women and girls in. Often paying over the odds to capture its goods – many times once inside the sex trade the “wages” go down, or for millions of women and girls they never see the money.

Say the sex trade never recruit girls who under-aged, imagine these girls are never brainwashed to accept whatever sexual tortures they have to endured. Then imagine, that once these girls become adults that they will proclaim that they are happy.

Say that the sex trade never ever hands out drugs and or alcohol, to “help” the women and girls endure those sexual tortures. That could never happen in the making of porn, inside indoors prostitution, for those pounding the streets.

Say an individual prostitute or porn actress really could say no to the sexual torture, without the threat of yet more violence, of being murdered, of being more to a yet more dangerous aspect of the sex trade.

Say that consumers of the sex trade would go to the safe practices and controlled environment without going for more sadistic sex, more sadistic porn.

Say that johns in a huge mass would report an under-aged prostitute, violent rapes on the porn they consume, that a woman is more than likely trafficked, that a woman or girl have injuries all over her bodies. Imagine they say that before fucking or consuming her, not after.

Say it would easy to place condoms on every single man who make the choice to buy a woman or girl. Say he is calm and reasonable, not beating her up, not raping her in places where condoms are pointless.

Say the sex trade just allows its goods to leave any time – never threaten violence, never pushing the women towards suicide.

Say that, and you are deluding yourself.

Choice for the vast majority of women and girls is the choice of choosing not to die, choosing to find a few safe places without rape, mental torture and hate surrounding you.

Inside that choice, it is pure survival to say you are happy, that you enjoy the “work”, that it just part of your nature to be a whore.

To say the opposite, would means seeing a reality that the individual girl or woman is nothing but goods to be sexually tortured to worn out, then thrown away.

That reality is unbearable, is enough blow up the brain of any woman or girl who has a human heart. It can and will kill her.

So of course she will say she chosen to be in the sex trade, of course she will paint on the happy veneer – by god, see that as a strong will to survive hell, see her as a hero, not the nonsense of the happy hooker.

Let’s think clearer about the safety of all women and girls in the sex trade.

The bottom line as long as we accept that men have the right to buy and sell women and girls as fuck-toys whether in the flesh or through porn – no woman or girl will ever be fully safe inside the sex trade.

For we giving permission for the vast majority of crimes done to women and girls in the sex trade to become non-crimes.

For men have made an under-class named as whores, that cannot be raped, cannot be beaten up, cannot object to rapes and sexual tortures being made public property, can be murdered and that will be unimportant, cannot complain about sexual slavery.

This under-class was invented before written history, and through the eons the lie has become a terrible truth.

Look at the sexual tortures and mental violence used to make hard-core porn. Many crimes are being done to that actress for some male orgasm. She is enduring sexual tortures, she will more than likely enduring physical violence for the ideal shot. These are made non-crimes, or she knows there no point in reporting it.

I am told over and over and over that indoors prostitution must be safer, I would say that is wishful thinking.

Indoors is just the norms of violence, hate and degradation of the whole of the sex trade, but placed behind firmly closed doors.

It is no matter whether it is legal or illegal, the violence will carry on as normal, for it is where the profit is at.

The sex trade is most evil capitalist system man ever invented, but makes that invisible by pretending to be rebellious.

Lastly, there is nothing feminist about the sex trade.

To be frank, if you called yourself a sex-positive feminist, you are betraying a whole class of women and girls named as the whores.

In your selfishness, you imagine that being in porn or being a “classy whore” is some type of female liberation or even could be empowering, you are ignoring the blood left from the deaths and tortures of those inside the sex trade.

I don’t give a tinker’s piss, what you do in private sex lives, I don’t care what you read or watch – I only care when for your selfish pleasure you consume or encourage the consumption of women and girls in the sex trade.

If you make the choice to do escorting, than know you can never control whether johns make the choice to violent or not. There will little or no protection from that.

But some women who are sex-positive do “hobby” prostitution, that is have paid sex with men they know and trust – then claim they know what it is to be a whore.

They don’t, especially as they say they had no violence, all the men respected them, it was a two-way relationship.

That is just a fuck-buddy with the added bonus of money.

Prostitutes do not have the luxury of picking and choosing johns, they cannot change men who are violent. They cannot risk real communication, without making themselves very vulnerable.

There is no comparing.

To be a feminist is to want full dignity, full safety, full ability to be fully human, end to all violence and hate for all women and girls – not just the chosen few.

To believe that somehow women and girls in the sex trade are not worthy of that dignity, safety, right to be human or have a life without violence and hate – that is not just a massive betrayal, but it making yourself an ally to a genocide of the underclass named as whores.

If you live with that – there is nothing more I can say.

2 responses to “Nothing Positive About This

  1. thank you for writing this. i wrote a piece on liberal conspiracy arguing that the sex industry is not empowering to women and that feminists (like me) who oppose the sex industry do so because we oppose violence against women, and for all the reasons you list above. as you can imagine, the so-called ‘sex positive’ feminists have had a right old go at what i was saying, telling me that it is free choice and that i am denying women a choice and – well you can imagine.

    over and over again they seem to deny the voices of women/girls/men who have been harmed by the sex industry, to support their narrative of choice. but as you say, choice is limited by all the factors you describe.

    thank you for writing this.


  2. Whenever someone tries the ‘choice’ argument on me again, I will point them to this blog. Such a powerful piece of writing.


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