Time and Space

Yesterday, I wrote from a place of grief, pain and anger, on why I know how violent and degrading indoors prostitution is.

Today, I will write on what is that men are paying for. I want to get rid of some of the dangerous myths surrounding indoors prostitution.

Men are not paying for an equal relationship with the prostitute.

Of course, many johns will say over and over that they respect the prostitute, that he only gives her what she wants.

He may say it was spoken about before-hand, with her telling him what is acceptable, maybe some menu of all the sexual acts he can and can’t do.

He will often say it just a business contract, he being the consumer, she is the goods – but of course, it will be consensual.

Well, those are the myths that johns create to make them look like the good or fall guys. These myths are all bullshit.

Men are paying to owned the prostitute, paying for the time and space to abused as long as he desired.

He wants her to be nothing, be an object he will screw, will batter, will call any women-hating name he can think of.

He wants her to be his living piece of porn that he can fucked almost to death.

And the johns who choose to less violent, still have hate of women in their hearts as they do so-called normal sex.

She can never be his equal, he is the master, he believes he is her god – she should be bloody grateful to be in his presence.

Men pay to fuck a whore – knowing they are fucking a non-human.

Men know without being told, that the prostitute feels no pain, has no social circle, will be fucks by so many men she might as well be a machine.

So why the hell would it matter that one more man treats her like trash – she is a whore, and trash is what whores are.

I know many reading this want to believe that attitude is just about street-based prostitutes – that by some miracle that johns who do indoors prostitution treat prostitutes with dignity and respect.

Sorry, to burst your bubble – but the vast majority of johns want a prostitute to be made into trash. No matter what label is put on her – escort, street-based prostitute, club worker, in a sauna and on and on.

It just that with the prostitute that is indoors – the john has more privacy, more time and space to push her into the dirt.

I have not meet an exited prostituted who does not believe that more pure sadism goes on in indoors prostitution that on the streets.

The john is in a place where everything is giving him permission to break every rule that may keep the prostitute safe and left with some dignity.

The profiteers of indoors prostitution will provide the john with utter privacy, privacy where his porn-dreams are made to run wild.

The prostitute will place inside a room with men or a man who has made to believe that every porn fantasy he ever imagine is ok to do. No-one will interfere, no-one will say he has gone too far.

Think on that, think of being struck in a room with men or a man who just know you are there to fucked, to sexually tortured, and know no-one gives a damned.

Indoors prostitution is all about saying men cannot rape, cannot batter, cannot degrade, and if she died in his hands it a mistake. Everything that a john does to a prostitute is non-crime.

How can he be raping her, when it her job and purpose to be fucked by any and all men who pay enough.

If there are trafficked prostitutes, that’s not the problem of the john. Anyhow, they may easier to make to do sadistic sex, they will do anything won’t they.

Fucking an under-aged prostitute can be made ok, for she was damaged goods before he had her. Anyhow, she isn’t a child but a whore, so where’s the harm.

Everything about indoors prostitution is done to show the john that he is a king whilst he is there. He can do no wrong, and the profiteers will protect him from any consequences of his actions.

At it’s worse, this is shown when prostituted women and girls are killed in indoors prostitution.

This is rarely known outside the sex trade, these women and girls are just said to have disappeared, like they never existed.

When I was prostituted, others disappeared, and I was too terrified to understand what was eating at my stomach as they vanished.

I knew the men that used us were sadistic bastards, I knew I been close to being murdered several times. I just survive by refusing to know the next logical thought.

I just had to wipe their existence from my mind.

That is the reality of indoors prostitution – prostitutes are sexually tortured, are raped on a mass scale, are made to be part of porn and prostitutes are murdered.

Sure, there are a very tiny minority of prostituted women who are ok in indoors prostitution.

But, they cannot be individuals and say I’m ok, so nothing else matters.

If you allow men to pay for using a woman or girl to be nothing but a sex object – you are part of a system that give most johns permission to destroys the vast majority of prostitutes.

Permission to use sexual torture, permission to rape, permission to batter, permission to view an underclass named as the prostitute as non-human.

If you want sex with strangers, then do it without being part of the sex trade.

But never think any prostitute can fully safe and always respected – for that is never in the control of the whore. The john always control he decides to be violent or not, whether he view the individual as scum or pretends he respects he.

This post was written from a place of pain – so it may be somewhat confused.

I cannot live in a world that invents indoors prostitution as safe and really quite fun.

It is driving me mad.

One response to “Time and Space

  1. Confused? There is nothing whatsoever confusing about this post. It is very clear. The only thing that confuses me about this post is why the vast majority of people seem to think there is no problem with women being treated this way or they just turn the other way and don’t want to listen.


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