What Make You Think You Have the Right

Throughout known history, men have thought they have the right to buy and sell women and girls.

What gives them that right. What makes it seemed so normal, that most people just take it as part of life.

It could be as simple as men wanting complete power and control over a class of women and girls named as whores.

That is so simple, that of course men have invented hundreds of excuses, reasons and downright lies for why the sex trade is accepted as a fixed part of life.

Men who use the sex trade always have said, say now and will say in the future – men have different sexual needs and wants to women.

Men have to have sex on a regular basis- or I suppose their dick goes green and falls off.

Men have to sleep with multiple people, they need sex more than relationship.

Is it meant to be unique to men, tons of women want sex without relationship, want lust, don’t want conversation and what’s for breakfast nonsense.

Sex is just sex – all humans get lust, get times where they sleep around and it just fine.

Lust and one-night stands, even bad one-night stands, is never the same as prostitution or other aspects of the sex trade.

Men who make the choice to buy into the sex trade are choosing to go beyond lust or what they call their sexual “needs” – into a place where they are making  a woman or girl into goods that he will masturbate into or use as a wank toy.

She is not a human – even if he crawling every cell of her body – he does not see or hear her, he could not give a damn if she dead or alive. All that matters is she put her holes and hands for him to reach his ultimate moment of being a master.

That is what the sex trade provides.

Nothing gives men the right to use a whole class of women and girls as their fuck-holes.

If women say that, then men come back with the classic statement – well, it prevents rape.

Rape for who – for the women and girls that men have patronised with the label of being non-whores and then are “good”, too good to rape.

These women and girls for men who make the choice not to be violent to, are pretty much non-existent. But each time a man make the choice to rape, he will create the woman and girl as a whore, and then know he has done no wrong.

But even then, it is never the same as the sexual violence that is the foundation of the sex trade.

That is the point – the sex trade was invented to have a constant flow of women and girls that men know can never be raped, never be truly brutalised, never really murdered – for men invented the whore to take all his violence and hate, and never will complain.

Inside the sex trade, sexual violence is just part of the wallpaper.

You do not see bruises, forget about internal injuries, laugh at losing consciousness so often.

Rape is not a word many women and girls in the sex trade know the meaning of.

Rape is what happens to other women and girls.

That most of the sex is endured, is painful, could threaten their lives, that they told it will just simple sex and made to do stuff that their mind will not know – that cannot be rape, it just a role or their job.

Rape in the sex trade is so violent, so usual and so ordinary.

What the hell gives any man the right to rape and abuse women and girls until they lose language, and lose any sense of self.

Any man who buy into the sex trade is allowing sexual and mental torture to be made invisible or acceptable.

I so little energy at the moment.

But please think before using the sex trade.

Think if you accept that women and girls are nothing holes and hands for men to fuck.

Think if you can accept that women and girls in the sex trade are continually murdered or commit suicide.

Think if you can accept the sex trade that gives women and girls drugs and drinks in order to manipulate to do violent sexual acts or in the making of porn.

Think if you can accept that the prostitute you choose to buy may be – trafficked, under-aged, survivor of childhood sexual violence, a runaway, beaten up if doesn’t do her “job”, going through the motions coz she is dead inside.

Think that you say you are the good guy – that you in a system that treats women and girls as dirt that it will destroy physically and mentally. Real men have nothing to do with the sex trade.

Real men see women and girls as full humans – so know the sex trade is a massive lie.

Do not use the sex trade ever.

It is quite simple.

It just takes a strong force of will.

Remember all the women and girls destroys by the sex trade – that may help you get your priorities right.

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