This is the Demand

When many speak of demand for prostitution, they speak as if it is clean and safe sex, and any thing other is either illegal or somehow perverted.

It is just supplying men with an outlet to have sex without a relationship. Where the harm in that – it just a form of leisure.

Sorry, if was just sex without violence, without turning women and girls into sub-humans, without giving men the opportunity to put out hate – prostitution would have died out centuries ago.

Prostitution was invented so that men could rape, batter and murder a whole class of women and guilt without guilt, shame or having a conscience.

That is what is truly demanded off prostituted women and girls.

It makes no matter how much men choose to glamorise the image of the prostitute – in the end men who used prostitutes, want the women and girls to remember that they are dirt.

That is the basis demand of johns – that is what the profiteers of the sex trade will supply them with.

There are many faces to the prostituted women and girls.

The street prostitute – who the john will know is always lower than him. Even as he make the choice to fuck her by the bins, even if  he is such a man that he chooses to beat her up and steal her money, even if his idea of sex is two-minute fuck in some car or alley. He knows he is superior to her – for she will do as he tells her, she will not and cannot say no. He is the customer – she is just his property.

The escorts – who are made high-class by the john, but only in a porn-fuelled way. Class in porn is pretending the whore is in control, that she is manipulating the john. But always he can fuck her any which way he wants, he beat her up if he wants, he can take her to point of death and say it is only a game. Then in his porn-dream, he will know the escort loved it – for it was her choice to be a whore.

There are saunas – where every women that works there just loves sucking his dick, or giving him a hand-job. She knows he is happy, and really that is all that matters.

There are lap-dancers/strippers – who by showing their bodies show they don’t care if they are continually touched up, having fingers going into their cunts. Don’t notice being named whore, prick-tease, slut, being scream how they would fuck in every position and every hole in their body. They don’t mind being prostituted out to special friends of the clubs – hell ain’t they always up for it.

There are the trafficked women – johns pretend they don’t know, when they really don’t give a shit. Often they are cheap and will do any sexual act however dangerous, often they will not condoms. They are the ideal prostitute, they don’t complain and they like robots do whatever the johns want. The john just ignores their terror, the pimps in the background, that they may appear close to death – god, if he get his sexual kicks that all that matters ain’t it.

There are the streams of under-aged prostituted girls. Johns who act like fucking like your daughter or a child who knows him is the most disgusting thing in the world – will fuck under-aged prostituted girls and say to themselves she wants to be there. I have had men fucking me when I was obviously under-aged, speaking of hanging bastards that abuse children. They re-framed it as her choice, christ she already damaged goods, so what’s the problem.

There is always demands for johns to have permission to as sadistic as they can imagine. Prostitution was invented to let men dream of porn and then have real women and girls to perform it. The sex trade for many centuries has told johns that prostitutes don’t mind being anally fucked, don’t mind being strangled, don’t mind gang-rape, don’t mind having their bodies treated like a scientific experiment to see how pain it can endure. Prostitutes have always known double/triple penetration, known deep-throating, known having their minds and bodies destroy just for the male sexual kicks. Sadism is the bedrock of prostitution.

That is just a few example of what is demanded by johns, and supplied by the sex trade.

We need to build a world where no man can think he has the right to buy and sell prostituted women and girls, just to fulfil their porn fantasies.

There is no reason for prostitution – unless it to say that men can treat a whole class of women and girls as dirt, and it will be ignored or made to be the choice of the prostitute.

I have lost patience – too many great women and girls are being destroyed, just for male sick porn dreams.

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