See the Predator, Not the Prey

I am often amazed when trying to speak to some about prostitution, how it is never about the structure of the sex trade, but a continual focus of the individual choices of the women and girls.

This often done by people who look deeply into the structures of say the media, factory farming, reasons for wars and on and on and on.

Usually harms to women and girls are deeply analysed by the left and feminists – not the sex trade, that gets away with a surface reading.

By looking only at the individual women and girl’s choices or lack of choices, the sex trade can carry on as usual, by making out it just bad choices not the structure that is destroying the prostituted.

It is like blaming a mouse for being eaten by a cat. The mouse was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Lets see the structure.

The sex trade is all about profit.

Now if you consider yourself anti-capitalist, why oh why, does the sex trade get a free ride.

This profit is not built on just penis-in-vagina sex, it not built on giving men a quickie  – no, the huge profit is built on supplying a regular supply of women and girls who will and must do any and every porn fantasy you can imagine, and mostly the porn fantasy your mind will not let you know.

The sex trade will used the women and girls as goods, that fucked, raped, battered, films, made to work in clubs, at the end of the internet or a phone, put into brothels, used to give armed forces rest and recreation, in saunas, in flats in residential areas, made to be in industrial sites.

The sex trade will have women and girls everywhere – in plain view, hidden into buildings, on your street.

The sex trade will have a market for whatever sick porn dream the john can pay for. He can gang-rape, he can make his own hard-core film, he can keep her as long as his money lasts, he can fuck in the bins and kicks her enough to steal his money back, he pretend she is his canvas as fuck his genius inside of her, he can strangle and gag her.

Hell, he is the customer, and the customer is always right.

How the hell can the left and feminists make excuses for the sex trade.

By focusing on the individual woman or girl choices – it becomes very easy to find reasons to say that are some women who must be happy, so don’t criticise the structure  – that would be far too judgemental.

Also, the focus on the individual choice is a reason to find boxes to place her into, and then say whether is a real prostitute or not.

I fit into the incest box – though for me it not the most important factor for why I became prostituted.

But – I don’t fit in being middle-class and white. Hell, I didn’t need or even want the money. As I have been told by some ignorant people – I could have brought my out of prostitution.

I fitted in because I was a runaway. But I always had a home, just didn’t know how to live there.

Many say I did not fit because I only did indoors prostitution – which could not have been as sadistic as I claim.

For it is a known fact that indoors prostitution is safer, and is better controlled.

Who said that.

Let go back to looking at the structure of the sex trade.

The sex trade has the power and endless money to manipulate it own image in all the media.

The sex trade creates the myth that indoors prostitution is clean, safe, empowering for the women and controlled well.

That is propaganda – it is not a fact.

If you have a young teenage daughter, would you say it fine for her to sleep with strangers on a regular basis, would say she always do it behind closed doors without anything like communication.

Or would your instinct to say get to know the person before having sex, and maybe for you to know a bit about how she is feeling.

But with indoors prostitution, the women and girls is shut away from the public eye without any protection – and expected to have stranger after stranger after stranger inside of her.

If you know a woman or girl is being battered or raped by her partner, would you not want to support or aid her. I doubt you would blame her.

And if said she did not hate the man, that may saddened you – but you would still help her.

But, with indoors prostitution there is constant judgement to find if she is a happy hooker or not.

To be honest, the only way to survive indoors prostitution is act happy, to feel nothing but keep the entertainer out for the management and the johns.

I would say women who say they love their batterer or rapist, are speaking the truth, for it all that they know. They been brainwashed by an individual man.

Many women will see that with rape and domestic violence – but not prostitution.

Prostitutes are not brainwashed by one man, the whole structure of the sex trade will destroy their ability to know their own reality.

Indoors prostitution is being raped in the thousands – until the language of rape has no meaning – until the woman and girl believe her only purpose to holes and hands for an endless flow of johns.

How can survive that if you know it – it must be re-framed as I have chosen this, I must be happy why else would I do it. I cannot be that sick.

If you allow to believe the vast majority of prostitutes in indoors prostitution are happy and choose their lifestyle – you are just buying into the propaganda of the sex trade.

Know, I said I was happy – but my reality was living with torture, not knowing if I would be murdered or not. Know I was completely brainwashed.

See the structure that brainwashed, not my individual experience.

This is hard to write, so I will watch Brazil vs Portugal now.

I hope this makes some kind of sense.

I sick of hitting my head against a granite wall.

3 responses to “See the Predator, Not the Prey

  1. don’t worry rebecca, there are people who see through all of this. we’re standing by you and trying to spread the information. you’re not hitting your head alone.


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