Expressions That Depressed Me to the Core

I have written about how feminists and the Left have let down prostituted women and girls plenty of times.

But it seems to get worse rather than better.

In this post, I want to write some of the expression that put poison in my veins each time I hear them.

If you choose, to think that any of these expressions are reasonable, and framed yourself as a leftist or a feminist. Then know you are using the language of the sex trade.

The language of one of the mightiest capitalist system that man has chosen to invent.

The language of a trade that has committed genocide for centuries – but makes it invisible by always replacing the goods.

The language that make violence fun and entertainment.

The language that makes rape invisible as a business exchange.

The language that said murder is just the risk of the job.

If you use some or any of the expressions I will outline you are supporting torture, supporting mass rape, supporting capitalism at its rawest, supporting making women and girls into nothing but living porn-toys.

Darn, that is so radical, not.


Now, that expression “sex work” has a habit of putting bile into my throat.

But, if I feeling strong, it gives me sarcastic laughter.

Sex work is a nonsense expression for the vast of women and girls who have to endure prostitution.

Prostitution is nothing to do with sex – if you consider sex to be about connection, communication, full consent and having trust.

Those rarely if ever are in the room in the average prostitution encounter.

There is no connection when to survive prostitution it is necessary for the prostitute to be as detached as she can – while at the same time acting the role of the happy whore or whatever porn fantasy the john wants.

Hell, many johns will imagine he had some wonderful connection, some spiritual moment as he fuck her, that she see him as no-one else does.

Well, when I was prostituted I found acting the happy hooker help me stop a small degree of violence. I found listening to their sick fantasies, sometimes stop them doing it to my body.

But mostly, I learnt to smile and act the their porn-dream, even as I was tortured and raped until I had to lose memory.

I have the sickness of so many whores, of knowing all those johns choose to remember was the smile, and came away feeling justify with their violence, hate and degradation.

After it is only sex.

As for it being just work, it never work as in a normal employment.

It is work where murder is normal. It is work where you raped for no reason and every reason under the sun.

Hell, it is work where rape is the purpose of why the prostitute is there. There the men can rape without the messiness of guilt, or even knowing it was a human that was raped.

Call it an extra, call her an adventurous whore, say street-based prostitutes like dangerous sex, say escorts choose to go with men that are sadistic, say everyone knows whores are a different species – then, hey presto, all rape has vanish.

It is work that accepts sexual torture as speciality – it is prostitution god-damned unique selling point.

Most johns who go to prostitutes on a regular basis will not be happy with just penis in the cunt.

For many prostitutes that is something that they can be detach from, for it so predictable and so many johns do it over and over and over and over.

No, the more men make the choice to go with prostitutes as a habit, the more they want sex that they know from porn, sex that the real women in their lives should not know about or do.

They want to own the prostitute, and in total ownership to degrade her, to put fear into her, to hurt her mind and body – to kill her in life.

I would liken that to slavery – and you dare to call it work.

Well, spend a week inside the body of the prostitute in those conditions – and then say it is sex work.


That expression is a wonderful way to turn you back of the mass violation of basis human rights of prostituted women and girls.

I mean it ok to judge a system that is racist, it is ok to judge a system that destroys women and girls, a system that uses women’s poverty to its advantage, a system that loves that child sexual abuse gives them employees, a system that gets women and girls from places recovering from wars, natural disasters and economic downfalls.

The system that is the sex trade – bloody judge that. Judge the way you would judge governments, arms traders, multi-nationals, factory farms etc.

Why does the sex trade get let off the hook, by keeping the focus on the women and girls who are prostituted, and ignoring the profiteers.

The profiteers often choose to distance themselves by naming themselves as legitimate and powerful businessmen. Look at Larry Flynt, as an example.

He is seen as a fun figure, who does dirty pictures and sometimes offends some prudes. He is makes himself out to some working-class, leftist hero for men who are down trodden.

All this, while having complete contempt for those working-class men, as he manipulates them into hate, rage and fear of all women and girls. He does this not out of some misguided passion – but for a more terrifying reason to be a billionaire.

He can say porn is nothing to do with violence to women and girls – for it just a paper exercise, a game for the businessmen who control the sex trade.

The profiteers know that there are many rapes, bashing and murders that are connected to porn – they know porn has to have violence and real hate to women to make a mass profit.

But the businessmen make the choice never to get their hands dirty.

They pass that down to managers or pimps, who choose to make women and girls into fuckable goods. Goods that will get used to rape, sexual torture and mental torture.

These are people who make the free choices – not the prostituted woman or girl.

Not if they been brainwashed to accept violence on that scale.

These are the vast majority of prostituted women and girls that live inside that violence.

If you are a leftist or a feminist – than speak of the choices of the profiteers, the choices of johns to not buy a woman or girl for his sexual kicks, the choices of a society that allow the sex trade to use it money and power to make invisible all its violence and hate.

Stop focusing on the women’s limited choices – and look at the structure of the sex trade.

I thought that what leftist and feminists were meant to do.


I thought I was going to write more, but it hurts so much.

Please knows that these words are more than just hurtful.

They are selling prostituted women and girls down the river. It is saying that their rapes are of no importance, their terror is delusional, their injuries mental and physical are made invisible.

For what really matters, it that men have the sexual freedom to buy and sell a whole class of women and girls. That it their right to be violent, to degrade – and frame it leisure, a release and a way to reach manhood.

That is bullshit – but too many on the left and feminists find ways to justify that violence.

This whore and many others has had enough.

We want to be on the left, many of us want to be feminists – but you are excluding us by your inexcusable language.

2 responses to “Expressions That Depressed Me to the Core

  1. Oh, Rebecca, I have tears in my eyes for your pain; I only wish it made a difference, and I would cry rivers toward your healing venture, your processes so brilliantly shared.

    What I can do is adamantly, passionately fight for space so that you — and I! –can walk within feminism and feel clear belonging. I do that. It’s the least I can give back, for you have given so much in advance of my too-meager offering.

    And it’s not just me, far from it. Sisters weave words and carve dimension, and I catch glimmers of the radical space where you matter, your voice is heard, your path is sheltered from the worst of the storms as can be done. You have sisters; you aren’t alone. I just hope it’s enough that you can feel it at times, the warmth of sisterhood, or hear it, the echo of women’s voices repeating your wisdoms, sharing your truths, believing in you — and in ourselves. It’s there. It’s yours. Take care, diana


  2. This is the most brilliant, powerfully written analysis i have seen of what is really going on with “sex work”.” i am on the road right now but will be sharing this at large. Thank you, thank you. This goes to the heart of it, or actually, farther down.


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