This is the Real Problem

Whenever there is a general debate around prostitution, there is always an avoidance of the major problem.

That it is men that choose to buy other humans, mainly women and girls, for something as unimportant as their sexual wants.

That it is those men who make the choice to treat the prostituted as sub-human.

That it is those men who choose violence, choose to rape, choose to degrade, choose to be the master to his sex slave.

That is the issue – not why, how and what are the prostituted women and girls.

But, it is easier to kept the debate on the prostituted women and girls, because than with a small bit of tinkering round the edges, we can kept the status quo.

Best not mention what the hell give those men the right to buy women and girls to turn into dirt.

That would be rocking the boat far too much.

No, instead place prostituted women and girls into many categories. From the sad and bad whores, it would wrong for any man to even want to fuck – to the empowered happy hooker that will be a guilt-free fuck.

These categories are basically in the eye of the beholder – and in the sex trade, the beholder is the john, or the profiteer pushes his goods out there.

The prostitute is just an image, there to be a role.

So a john will not see or care if she is under-aged.

He will ignore firmly her bruises, cuts, fear in her eyes or that dead look that is part of survival.

He will pretend he is her only fuck, but hate her for polluting him with all the other men who had screw her before and after him.

When a john hates, he knows all rules of treating women and girls with respect are unimportant when it comes to whores.

He will know that whores enjoys being treated like dirt, if he gets a gut reaction she doesn’t like it he just overrides that weak emotion.

He wants to place terror into her, he wants her to know every moment he was humiliated by women, every time he didn’t hit or rape “good” women or girls is placed onto the whore’s body.

He knows as a gospel truth, that it is impossible to rape the whore. It is just a business exchange. It is that he knows he owns her body and soul – so that is not rape.

Anyhow only decent women ad girls get raped – so this certainly is not rape.

As he pushes her beyond her pain threshold, as he can pays more to do more real-life porn on her – he knows he cannot be the bad guy for it just a game, he will not kill.

He is no mad man.

He doesn’t murder prostitutes, only crazy men do that.

And if this john is torturing the prostitute indoors, he knows that he not like the mad men who pick whores on the street and just kill them.

He is just playing a game, like some god-damned video game, like CSI, like some stupid horror. She is not real, so what the problem.

I know this coz these were some of the men who raped, tortured and played murder games with me, was in indoors prostitution.

I write this because whenever there is murders of street-based prostituted women and girls, the solution is always put them indoors.

Indoors prostitution is as dangerous as street-based prostitution, no more no less.

It just more control and the violence is buried by the profiteers.

When prostituted women and girls disappear from indoors prostitution, many would have been murdered by johns – it is not talk about.

They were viewed as nothing but fuckable goods when they were alive – when dead they can be replaced by more fuckable goods.

It is that cold a world.

Indoors prostitution makes most of its profits by supplying sadistic sex to the johns.

It will close the door, and let the john do whatever his money will buy.

God, since we have had visual and written records of brothels, or private sex trade parties – it has there to provide men with access to place their hate, their rage, their porn-fuelled concepts of “sex” into prostituted women and girls.

Indoors prostitution is placed as “private” and rebellious, so men can free up pent-up “sexual nature” to control and dominate women.

The prostitute will not be allow to say no to anything, she is not allowed to complain.

The good indoors whore will smile, will pet his ego, will mould her body into any and every porn-dream he speak of, will know what to do before he has spoken, will accept any and every punishment if he is bore or just think that would be fun.

She may bleed, she may feel pain, she may show terror, she may go unconscious, she may lay as if dead – christ, she may even lose her life.

But all that is unimportant – for it only a game, it means nothing.

So as you debate prostitution – read this and know some of the hate and contempt that is the mind-set of very ordinary johns.

They are the real problem – not those who are made into prostitutes.

That is why I will fight to the death, to stop any and every man from having the right to buy any human just for something as unimportant as his sexual want.

2 responses to “This is the Real Problem

  1. Thank you for this very important post, Rebecca. Everyone needs to hear exactly what the sex ‘industry’ is, and to understand how it works. There is too much bullshit about prostitution about, and some very irresponsible and dangerous people who wish to promote it and make a happy shiny nice dividing line between happy hooker and trafficked woman so that they don’t need to feel bad about their own complicity.

    Keep on telling it like it is. xxxxxxx


  2. thank you for sharing that,and I have a exciting new for you: the Latin branch of CATW invited me to introduce a anti-traditional masculinity program in Brazil;we do need a lot something like this.Unfortunally prostitution here,although pimping is considered a crime,is tolerated as “right and freedom” for women.I have been trying to catch the attention of international organizations once i have been silenced here even by feminists.
    I hope you are ok and being well succeded in coming over all those atrocities that were done to you.thank you fr always inspiring me in front of such silence cruelties in my country.Lots of hugs.


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